Vivienne James: 4 Year Update

Nov 20, 2020

Last month, Vivienne turned 4-years old. Sometimes her age puts in perspective how long you’ve been following me, maybe it was years before or a few after. Regardless, it is so fun to see how you first remember her. She was the most hilarious toddler and has grown into such a beautiful young lady. 

Answering some questions below: 

Do you vaccinate? We do. I know it’s a controversial subject and I always respect everyone’s decision based off of their own research but we personally follow the professional direction of our pediatrician. 

What milestones do they look for? Our pediatrician was asking her numbers, colors, alphabet …. those kind of things.

What’s on her Christmas list this year? Bed for her baby (old one broke), Snowflake necklace (old one broke), Spiral plain notebook to freely draw.  

Is she fully potty trained now? As of last month, she is! We have been monitoring her pull ups at night and she’s been consistently dry for a while now. We go to the restroom before bed and she stays in her underwear with no accidents. We had a pad to put under her but it kept moving, should probably find another solution incase an accident does happen. 

Favorite food? Chinese, Chicken Noodle Soup, Chick Fil-A, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Edamame, Yogurt, Peas, Salmon Pesto Orzo  

What are her percentiles? 33% weight, 64% height – which our pediatrician said was right on track for Vivienne. 

How is she as a big sister?  She is great. They love each other but they also fight hard too. Normal sister relationship J

Any sleep regressions? Vivienne recently started to have a more difficult time going down for bed as I recently mentioned on stories. I think there is some fear of the dark/monsters/ghosts that probably happened after Halloween. We are still figuring it out. As of right now, we are not staying in there until she is asleep but keeping a hall light on and leaving her door wide open. I did purchase a flash light and star projector (she already has a night light). 

Least favorite food? She has picky moments, but mainly just more of an in the moment preference. If a steak is good to her liking, then she’s down for it but never find her asking for meat

Does she still nap? She does. She has moments of not going down for a nap but typically still naps 1-3 or 3:30pm during the day. 

How is school going? Vivienne is obsessed with school. She has a great time with her teachers, friends, and all the activities they do.

How tall is she? 40.5

What do you want to teach Alice how to do? Ride a bike and potty training. Her words, not mine.

How many times has she had her hair cut? 3X

Favorite color? Green, Pink, White, Yellow, and Blue. She loves rainbows 

What are 4-year old milestones to look for? 

Favorite toy? The Corolle baby doll  

Favorite snack? Fruit, Goldfish, Crackers 

What’s your favorite movie? Frozen, Sing, Moana, Little Mermaid  

How has her behavior? Vivienne communicates really well, which helps but still has moments like all kids. Usually these happen when she’s tired, hungry, or wants something that she can’t get (toy or something sissy is playing with that she wants now). Overall though, I feel she is really good. I love that I can now go out with her and she can sit, talk to me, and not want to run around the table (although, I still feel those moments still happen too).