My Year with Face Reality Skincare

Nov 24, 2020

Around this time last year, I decided to make a change to my skincare routine and go through the process of Face Reality’s 90-day acne treatment with my esthetician. I wish I could say this was the first time, Kimberly Miller, whom I had been seeing for over 7 years had suggested to start this treatment… but it wasn’t. I was actually very stubborn for a long time, hoping as I continued to use all-natural and organic brands, that my skin would start to improve as it always had… but it didn’t. Between both pregnancies, postpartum, and just the season of life, my skin was needing something more to clear. 

What quickly changed my mind was my current feeling of defeat and someone else pointing out the need to discuss my skincare routine at a separate consultation. As I began listening to her feedback and product suggestions, I thought to myself, ‘why am I listening to someone else and not Kim who had been telling me this all along?’ I decided to message Kim in that moment and immediately went to her home to pick up product and go through the details of the program. Kim was thrilled to hear that I decided to go with her highly recommended product line, Face Reality Skincare, the #1 professional acne solution. Both a disruptor and game changer in treating acne, Face Reality has created a clear skin system that gets acne under control in about three to four months as a result of a powerful combination of clinical-grade products, a customized treatment plan based on a client’s specific type of acne and a series of bi-monthly treatments.

“50 million Americans suffer from acne, and it is a skin condition that really affects everyone no matter the age, gender, or race.”

Lifestyle example: It is suggested by Face Reality to not use Fabric Softener or dryer sheets in your laundry as the waxy residue gets on your pillowcases, towels, wash cloths, and sheets that have direct contact with the skin. The residue will clog pores of acne-prone individuals. 

Diet change example: Face Reality is not asking you to eliminate foods or food groups completely; but suggest cutting back of moderating certain food types. A few that are not good for acne prone skin are peanut butter (use almond instead), cheese (use nut cheese), iodized salt (use sea salt) and dairy (use almond or coconut milk). 

Pore Clogging Ingredient example: Natural oils can be some of the worst offenders, like cocoa butter and coconut oil which are found in many “organic” skincare lines.

I started seeing a difference in my skin the first week. Truly. Even though of course it wasn’t 100% clear, I could feel the products working. It’s the most exciting feeling. There are a few product changes along the way and maybe even a few uncomfortable moments (purging, face feeling dry, etc.) which is completely normal. I would suggest being in close contact with your esthetician, sending questions and photos consistently so they can talk you through it. 

What have been some examples of product changes in my routine? Kim has constantly switched up some of the strengths of products and formulation to keep my skin guessing. Sometimes I use 8% Mandelic and sometimes I use 11% so my skin never fully acclimates to what we are throwing at it. Depending on time of year, my skin can be drier, so it may need more moisture, incorporating the Cran-Peptide Cream instead of the Clearderma, or adding in my Hydrabalance to boost moisture levels. 

What is my typical facial routine? Kim explains it the best: “After I cleanse your skin, I assess what is going on with it and what your skin needs. At that point, we generally will do one of the Face Reality Skincare peels. There are four different strengths that we can incorporate depending on what is happening with your skin. If your skin is dry or irritated, I will do a Face Reality Skincare Enzyme treatment. Since you are clear now, we do Dermaplaning before the Face Reality Peel. A few times a year we do an advanced modality to keep your skin on its toes, meaning a chemical peel or micro needling.”

Now, a year later… I am still as consistent as ever using my Face Reality Skincare and going to my routine facials (every 4 weeks) with Kim. My skin is as clear as ever and I couldn’t be happier! Honestly, my biggest confidence boost has been clearing my skin, still rocking the no make-up look, and feeling free of personal expectations (I felt stuck with my organic brands because I wanted them to work). Face Reality has a 90% success rate. The best part? Face Reality Skincare is both safe and affordable! Which makes me even happier to share with you. 

Find a Face Reality Acne Expert near you and get started. If your esthetician is not a Face Reality Acne Expert, urge them to get certified (and many are available via online consultation). Visit the website www.facerealityskincare.com to learn more.