Playroom Update

October 7, 2019

Last week, I ordered some new storage for the playroom and went to town re-arranging and organizing the toys in our home. This room was great before, but the toys were spilling all over the room and some of it stuffed in random places (under couch, etc). and not even seen to be played with. So, I decided to get a new storage unit, to hide the clutter and color and include a desk to the middle as a place for V and eventually Alice to sit and color.

I took out everything, made sections/piles for similar toys and went from there on what needed to stay and go. Some went into a donation pile (I donate to Maggie’s Place) and the others went to my in-laws for the girls to play with while they visit. The old toy storage went to my sisters house. If you are interested in some pieces that have been here since our styling sessions with Lifestyled Co. (example: the two prints or couch) check out the blog post with all the information there.

I’ve decided to keep the couch for now and update the prints to photos of the girls.

So, let’s link what we got.

STUVA/FRITIDS Bench with Toy Storage (2)

STUVA Bench (1)

Stools (2)

Baskets under the desk (2)

Basket on desk (1)

Lorena Canal Rug (washable)