Vivienne’s Playroom Reveal with THE LifeStyled COMPANY

September 28, 2017

YOU GUYS!! The day is finally here! Vivienne’s Playroom is officially installed and styled by the talented Kristen (and team) of THE LifeStyled COMPANY; and I’ve been freaking out in love ever since! I can’t get enough of this room and I am so excited to share all the amazing details with you.

What I love the most about this space is not only how beautiful and comfortable it is (I wish you could feel that rug) but the design is not overly childlike, yet definitely a place for her to grow and play in. It’s both baby friendly, full of storage, and has amazing pieces that she will eventually use (like the slide and table and chairs). It’s neutral colors blend well with the rest of the home and styled by keeping different textures in mind. The playroom is the first place we visit when we wake up; sipping coffee from the couch while Vivienne takes out every book on the shelf… handing it over to us to read out loud for the tenth time with the widest smile on her face. This room brings us all to our happy place.

So, how did I find her and what was the process to create this amazing playroom?

I reached out to Kristen a couple months ago via IG about my thoughts and feels for designing a play space together for Vivienne. I had been stalking her for a while now (because that’s the social norm) and absolutely loved everything about her. We decided to FaceTime so I could show her my current room situation and our wants and needs pertaining to the space. Some of these must haves included: storage, something for JJ and I to sit on, and fun toys for V to grow with. You know the type of people that just get you and make you feel so comfortable? Well, that’s Kristen. Her immediate thoughts on the space made me want to sign whatever contract was needed on the spot. “Let’s do this!”

Why did I decide to have a designer help me instead of doing it myself?

As you all know, I love a good home décor project. I’ve finally gotten around to choosing artwork for our walls and filling our home room by room with furniture this year. Finally! The problem is… it just takes me forever to do this as I have a hard time making decisions and struggle with finishing touches. I am ready for our house to be DONE so we can just love and live in it for once. This is why I NEED Kristen in my life.

Next steps were making sure we were on the same page with design. So, she checked out my Pinterest board that I was creating for inspiration. A week or so later, I had a note in my inbox with the first round Project Portfolio from Kristen.

You guys!!! A slide! A ball pit! Swing!? Talk about a kids (and parents) dream!

The two changes that I made to the original design was the need for a better place for JJ and I to sit and a more unique table and chair option. I also wasn’t sure if the cactus prints would work for our style, as they are also very trendy pieces, but in the end… I felt it worked the best for the space and I am so happy that I trusted Kristen’s judgement because I love them!

The final version of the Project Portfolio was perfect. Bring on the install date!

We chose an install date of September 15th, where we would all have to be out of the house from 10am-3pm. The most amazing thing about this entire process is Kristen had never even been to our home before she came on September 15th. Now that’s talent! After hours of impatiently waiting to come back home…. the time had finally come for us to see the space!

As we walked in the door, the room of my dreams appeared! A perfectly styled playroom for Vivienne! We were in awe! We immediately put Vivienne in her new swing, and her mouth just stayed open with excitement. It was the cutest moment!

After taking in the playroom, adding some of her toys in the mix, it is still one of those spaces that I try to keep exactly how Kristen left it. The blocks are still in front of the slide and ABC cards are laying perfectly on the table next to her blocks. That’s the hardest part… to mess up the style. Baby steps.

Now, the one thing that is not pictured from the Project Portfolio is the ball pit. Unfortunately, it did not arrive in time… but it’s on its way! I feel like Vivienne is going to absolutely LOVE this piece. Also, the wrong colored couch arrived during install but I truthfully feel the grey looks way better than the pink would have so it was a blessing in disguise.

So, what do you guys think? Are you as obsessed as I am? We couldn’t be more THRILLED with our new playroom for Vivienne.

Product List: Some items will be available at the @lcodesignstudio in November. Be sure to check them out if you are an AZ local, and if not, contact them directly to ship to you.

Rug: Shop at Novogratz 
Swing: HangAHammock 
Couch: Shop at Novogratz 
Table: Available at @lcodesignstudio in November
Mini Rattan Chairs: via Lea and Lani, but as of November, @lcodesignstudio will be carrying a few pairs as they can not regular ship to AZ.
Slide: Jupiduu 
Ball Pit (not pictured): Modern Nursery 
Toy Storage: Ikea 
Sign: Letterfolk 
Cactus Prints: Minted (large + small)
Grow up chart:  @lcodesignstudio
Acrylic frames: @lcodesignstudio
You Are My Sunshine Print: Lux and Me prints via Etsy 
Eyelashes Print: Etsy
Faux Cactus in corner: World market
White Basket live tree is in: Home Goods
Curtain Panels + Rod: IKEA
Wood Camera: Amazon 
Wood Blocks: Amazon 
Alphabet Cards​: ​@lcodesignstudio
Tambourine: Amazon 
Lamp: Target 
Concrete Houses: @lcodesignstudio
White Enamel Swiss Cross Box: @lcodesignstudio
Glass Containers: Target
Poms in Glass Containers: @Studio223az in Downtown Gilbert
Oversized wood chain: Home Goods
Gray wire basket in Storage: Home Goods
Black Basket in Storage: @lcodesignstudio
Corner Baskets: World Market
Under swing: Pottery Barn and Home Goods
Black and White Spotted Pillow: Etsy
Boho Cream Pillow: Shop Cupcakes and Cashmere via Nordstrom
Nude Mongolian Fur: Wayfair
Small Pink/Gray Lumbar: Shop Cupcakes and Cashmere
Ladder: @lcodesignstudio
Blanket on ladder: IKEA
Throw on sofa: @lcodesignstudio

Photos by LifeCreated
Design and styled by THE LifeStyled COMPANY in Gilbert, Arizona.