Our Experience using Carvana

Sep 27, 2019

Thank you to Carvana for sponsoring this post.

 This year, JJ and I made the decision to purchase two new vehicles for our household. We had our previous cars for over 5 years, our family has grown, and we had a few big trips planned to travel long distance with the girls. A few things we kept in mind while searching for an upgrade was the size, safety, and trunk space of the vehicles.

 Like many of you, we’ve experienced going through a dealership and test-driving different options before making a purchase. It was time consuming and took longer to decide as we felt the need to experience multiple options. This time, we were motivated by convenience and decided to buy through Carvana and do the entire process online.

 What a breath of fresh air it was! As someone who wants to spend the majority of her time working or with her family, the last thing I wanted to do was look into yet another car. But I have to say, the process was completely painless and I’d honestly do it using Carvana all over again. Everything from trading in our old car, shopping around, financing, and signing the contract, the process didn’t take much time at all. Therefore, I wanted to write a post for you and share the little details, so you have the best understanding of how Carvana works.


 First, we decided to look into trading our BMW with Carvana. So, we put in our car’s information on the trade/sell page at Carvana.com, was analyzed by a trade specialist, and we received our offer in exactly 2 minutes. Since the amount aligned with our minimum offer, we decided to accept it. From there, you follow step by step instructions and submit the requested information (registration, a photo of the odometer, and current lease payoff documents).

JJ was passionate about our family owning a truck. He used to have one when he was younger and missed the convenience of having a bed for miscellaneous reasons. I agreed, and so we decided to start shopping around the site for a truck. It was nice to have a specific brand in mind and narrowed down our search a bit. The morning of my daughters first birthday, JJ noticed a 2019 Toyota Tundra Crew Max with 5k miles new to the site. We quickly looked over the details and began the buying process right then and there. The car was held for our convenience and after the party we signed the contract, additional paperwork, and set up a financial plan. All done within the day and we were ready for our new truck!


 The best part? You have the option to either pick up your vehicle at the Carvana vending machine in Tempe, Arizona (which is a pretty amazing concept) or have your new truck dropped off and old car picked up right at your home. Due to my busy schedule and the thought of having to drive the family to Tempe, we loved the idea of everything being done at the convenience of our own home. So, we scheduled 6pm on Sunday.

Photo by aMaes Photography

 The evening of drop off, we were notified via phone and email that the driver was headed our way and asked to have proof of insurance, proof of driver’s license, and provide the title/registration of the BMW to retrieve the Toyota keys/take our BMW. The driver arrived on time, was super friendly, and allowed us to even test drive the car once it arrived. We signed a few documents, provided her with the keys to our BMW, and she was back on the road. From day of drop off, we had 7 days to return our truck if we were not satisfied with the purchase.

Yup, it was THAT easy and yes, I would do it again. Thank you to Carvana for creating a company that makes the car buying process SO easy and being so kind every step of the way. If you have an interest in purchasing through Carvana, tell the team you heard it through me, providing the name of car we purchased, and you will receive $500 off your vehicle. Happy shopping!