Alice turns one

September 27, 2019

On August 30th, miss Alice Jude turned one years old. I remember the first year with Vivienne like it was yesterday as it felt like a never-ending year, something I would never complain about, but it felt so different this time around. Time flew by. To me, it felt like she went from infant to now learning to walk overnight. Since Alice is our last baby, it makes me both sad to never have the newborn snuggles again, but so happy to be able to watch my two girls grow up together.

photo by aMaes Photography
photo by aMaes Photography
photo by aMaes Photography
photo by aMaes Photography

You asked for an update, so here we go.

What is her current nap schedule?

We changed her nap while we were traveling to Lake Tahoe to have the girls on a similar schedule for the afternoon. The transition went surprisingly well and it will work great once we have her do one long nap when the time comes. If Alice wakes at 7am, she will go down from 9am-10am and then 1pm-3pm, going to bed at 7pm.

Does she prefer mom or dad?

She prefers mom but still thinks dad is pretty funny.

photo by aMaes Photography

How many teeth does she have?

She currently has 8 teeth.

How long do you plan on nursing for?

So, I had planned at least a year since that was my goal with Vivienne and now, I am just going with it. I did a post recently about weaning and Stephanie mentioned that weaning her off may result in early morning waking as I often nurse her back to sleep if she wakes before 6am. I 100% know I need to figure this out and NOT feed her at night, but sometimes it just feels easier to do it so I can go back to sleep. She also only nurses on one boob. Yup, one boob is dried up and the other one is still going strong.

Favorite toy?

She loves anything with music but currently loves our radio flyer car that we got Vivienne for her first Christmas. She’d be content if we pushed her on that all day.

What’s her latest milestone?

She took her longest few steps the other day while walking to Vivienne. It was the sweetest.

Is she saying any words yet?

Mama… Dada…. THIS (for everything she wants)

Did her eyes stay blue?

Yes! Blue eyed blondie

photo by aMaes Photography

Favorite food?

What does Alice NOT eat? Any kind of fruit she could have all day long and she prefers bananas and blueberries but honestly, she will try the majority of things. Like Vivienne, she isn’t the biggest meat eater.

How is she different from V?

I won’t lie, its sometimes difficult to remember all the stages.. which makes me so grateful for this blog and the content I’ve created along the way to help me remember. These updates especially. I can never tell if I had an easier baby the second time around or if it just came more natural to me the second time around. Maybe it’s both. Alice was a very go with the flow and calm newborn. I made it a point to get her to self soothe from the beginning and she is def way easier to get to bed/naps then Vivienne was and even is today. Alice is maybe a little more smiley than V was as a baby but she’s super strong willed too.

Alice loves swimming, baths, music, meal time, dancing, baby dolls, and pretty much watching sissy do anything.

photo by aMaes Photography

What makes her the happiest?

Laughing during bathroom with her sissy, listening to her favorite songs. Current favorite: Better When I’m Dancing by Meghan Trainer.

Oh miss Alice, I can’t imagine life without my two girls and so proud to be your mama.

xoxo, Lola