The Most Important Hair Products

September 27, 2019

Written by Tara Hainsworth

This post was written to contribute to the topic of Self-care for the What Lola Likes blog by Tara Hainsworth. All facts, opinions, and professional tips are Tara’s.

A question I hear often is out of all hair products, what is the MOST important product you’d recommend? First, ALL products are truly so important, they are a lot of times a Hair Designers greatest weapon when if comes to your style & health upkeep.  

It’s one thing that allows us as your Hair Designers the comfort of knowing at least one thing our customers are using at home to help the health of their hair. 

I know investing in multiple products can be a big expense. And if you are wanting to start with one product the build your selection as you go, I would start with the correct shampoo & conditioner. 

Make sure your shampoo & conditioner has moisture somewhere in it. See my recommended products below.

  • Healthy-Normal Hair Type: UNITE 7Seconds Shampoo & Conditioner. 
  • Fine-Normal Hair Type: UNITE Boosta Shampoo & 7Seconds Conditioner. 
  • Fine-Thin Hair Type: UNITE 7Seconds Shampoo & Boosta Conditioner
  • Fragile (Chemically damaged) Hair: UNITE ULuxury Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Oily or Dry or Itchy Scalp: UNITE Re-UNITE Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Curly (but wear hair straight): UNITE 7Seconds Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Curly (but wear hair curly): UNITE Boing Shampoo & Conditioner 
  • Extensions + Highlighted (if you get your hair lightened): UNITE Blonda Daily Shampoo & Conditioner OR Re-UNITE Shampoo & Conditioner. 

As you can see even for those of you who have specific hair needs I always intermix with a moisturizing combo. This is just what I like to recommend to really ensure they have enough moisture! 

Let me know if you have any questions about your hair type. But PLEASE start with what’s in your shower. Your hair is MOST fragile when it’s wet, you’re going to get the most out of your moisturizing products when they are applied on wet hair. 

And, as always ask your Hair Designer you have chosen to assist you in product recommendations for your hair. Don’t be afraid to ask them specific questions and when and how to use them properly. 

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I’m Tara Hainsworth, Mama, Hair Designer, Salon Owner, Hair Educator. I look forward to helping women with their hair knowledge and hair goals, business ownership support and most importantly sharing in the joy of motherhood.