Update on Alice’s Schedule (almost 7 months)

Mar 21, 2019

The other day I shared this schedule with you and I’ve received a lot of questions about whether or not we dropped the dream feed. The answer is YES! We dropped the dream feed a few weeks ago and Alice has been sleeping amazing ever since. Kind of an odd concept, right? You’d think she would sleep better WITH the dream feed. 

I won’t sit here and act like I came up with this… I had ALL the help from @takingcarababies blog posts and her insight from taking the course. I couldn’t recommend it enough to new or expecting mamas. I’d suggest having your baby first, and then taking the class as I really feel it makes the most sense when you can start right away (or soon after). 

I posted this the other day: 

  • 6:30am wake time 
  • 9/9:30am Nap 1 
  • 2-3:30pm Nap 2 
  • 6:30pm Bedtime 

I tried this for a couple days, and Alice had a hard time keeping awake that long. She did good for a night or two, but then it went back to waking up every couple hours at night. This schedule is great for babies that kept missing that that third nap. Which was Alice for a minute. Now, we are back on a 3 nap schedule. 

So, we’ve been on this schedule currently and it seems to be working well for us. 

  • 7am wake time 
  • 9am-10am Nap 1 
  • 12:30pm-2pm Nap 2 
  • 4 or 4:15pm to 4:30-4:45pm Nap 3
  • 7-7:30pm bedtime 

Today, is a slight adjustment as she woke up at 6am. So, her schedule will look a little like this to have her get to bed early and make up some of the missed sleep. 

  • 6am wake time 
  • 9:10-10:45am nap 1
  • 2:15-3:45pm nap 2 
  • 6:30-6:45pm Bedtime 

(But since we have swim… we will probably move the first nap up to make swim class on time and add in the third nap as she’s been taking it). Oh, the struggles of every day changes and activities! 

What’s cool is… even if the schedule changes or messes up one day vs. the next… the following day is a new day and you CAN continue to work on it. As Cara always says, don’t get discouraged and KEEP GOING.