What Baby Likes Charity Event

Aug 20, 2018

“Since becoming a mom almost two years ago, my world has completely changed. Not only am I consumed with all things Frozen right now, but there’s a sense of connection to so many more women than ever before.

Motherhood. It is the strongest TRIBE I’ve ever been a part of. It has become my largest following and biggest supporters. The people who have been so quick to help me through unanswered questions of this crazy rollercoaster ride, whether I ask for it or not.

It doesn’t matter what kind of mom you are… the breastfeeding or formula feeding mom, the mom who co sleeps, baby wears, follows a strict schedule, stays at home, or works full-time… we all have that similar understanding of what each of us goes through on a daily basis.

Our once happy hours have turned into play dates, and our play dates have turned into the happiest of hours. We share an unspoken understanding… even if it’s just a smile as we pass each other in our shopping carts.

One thing is for certain, we want everything for our children. But what if that wasn’t possible? I don’t mean trips to Disney or that overpriced baby doll… the essentials. The diapers. The wipes. The formula. Clothing. The very thought of this is the reason I stand here today with all of you. Being a mother has not only opened my eyes on what I do have, but what others may not. The saying is so true that it takes a village to raise a child… sometimes, we have to be that village. We have to stand together in support of other women. Each other. Moms supporting moms. Women supporting women. People supporting people. Thank you for being those people and standing here with me today. “

Makeup by Stephanie of SN Makeup Artist
Hair by Tara Hainsworth of Hainsworth and Co.
Dress by Alice and Olivia via Saks Fifth Avenue in Phoenix
Photos by Jennica Maes of aMaes Photography

The week leading up to my baby shower, I did nothing but write, re-write, and think about this speech. I could have made it short and sweet and simply thank everyone for coming (the above btw, was a blurb from the end)… but I wanted nothing more than to share how grateful I was for everyone who purchased a ticket, donated their time, and why I put this event together in the first place.

When we first found out we were having another girl, I immediately realized the amount of stuff we had from Vivienne. Clothes, toys, etc. were all saved and stocked in our home and I figured we would purchase whatever else was needed ourselves. Perfect, problem solved! Then I got a little sad thinking about not celebrating her. I had such a great time at my first baby shower  with friends and family and felt strong that I wanted to somehow do it again. Yet, I didn’t need gifts. I didn’t want gifts. Then, I came up with the idea to instead make it a local event and create a registry where all items were donated to women and children who truly NEED those newborn essentials.

I decided to partner with non-profit organization, Maggie’s Place, as I instantly fell in love with everything they stood for. Their mission is to provide housing and on-going support to homeless pregnant women and new moms, with the ultimate goal of helping them live independently. I met with Linda, the marketing and events associate, who gave us a tour of the Fiat House (aka the location of administrative offices) as well as the Magdalene House, which was the first location that opened on Mother’s Day of 2000. This home has the capacity to house six mothers and their infants, along with 4 other locations in Arizona (Mesa, Phoenix, Glendale, Tempe… and one location in Ohio). Not only do they provide a nurturing and stable home environment for these women,  but also informal mentoring from new moms and weekly therapeutic counseling.

With finding an amazing organization like Maggie’s Place, I can’t tell you how excited I was to get started on planning this event. What is typically some of the hardest tasks when planning something like this became so easy due to the help of amazing companies that were so eager to be involved. Lara of Prim Rentals, jumped on board right away and quickly took on so many moving parts that truly helped bring this to life. Thank you again, Lara, for coordinating so much and easing my pregnant brain.

The local talent in Arizona is truly amazing and I couldn’t recommend these companies enough. From the cake and flowers to the signage, everything turned out absolutely perfect!

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Thank you to the companies who donated their time and service for this event:

  • The Scott Resort for giving us this amazing venue to host this event.
  • FYI Talent Management, who helped me coordinate and plan and sent Mikey Campbell to video the event (recap video via YouTube or at bottom of this post). 
  • Lara of Prim Rentals and Matiana of Dang Fine Rentals, two business women who came together and collaborated on the furniture and décor. 
  • Jenna of JL Patisserie who contributed her amazing cakes and pastries. I’m officially a cake pop believer. 
  • Lux Florist for the beautiful arrangements and floral decor.
  • Jesse of Freed Hands, for hand making all the signage around the room. 
  • Jennica of Amaes Photography for capturing the day. 
  • Sydney Sprague, who has officially sang at both of my baby showers. 
  • Hainsworth & Co. for getting the 5 women of Maggie’s Place beautiful before the event. 

During the event, I wanted to give everyone a little more backstory about Maggie’s Place, so I asked the CEO, Laura to speak at the shower along with two moms who could share their success stories. In total, we had 5 moms and 5 mission corps attend and I absolutely loved their attendance and powerful messages.


Every baby shower has a soon to be mama that sits in a crowd and opens up gifts in front of everyone. My original goal was to have backpacks or baskets filled with goodies for the 5 moms attending. What was once a basket, quickly turned into filling strollers and then some thanks to the amazing sponsors who were so willing to participate. These brands are who I use, love, and trust for Vivienne and my future baby girl and am so grateful for their partnership and donations. See what amazing gifts these women received at the shower!

Lily-Jade Diaper Bags presents 5 diaper bags
Amaes Photography presents 5 photography sessions
Ingrid and Isabel presents 5 Afterbands
Copper Pearl presents 5 blankets
Skip Hop presents 5 wet dry bags
Pampers Pure presents a package of diapers
Nannocare presents 5 boxes of sanitary pads
DockAtot presents 5 dock a tots
Binxy Baby presents 5 shopping cart covers
Miamily Baby Carrier presents 5 360 baby carriers
Summer Infant presents 5 baby monitors
UPPAbaby presents 5 cruz stroller, mesa car seats, infant insert
Modern Milk presents one month unlimited membership, swaddles, magic merlin suits
Clover Baby and Kids presents 10 onesies
Kickee Pants presents 15 onesies
Citrine Natural Beauty Bar presenting each woman a: Erbaviva baby shampoo, baby body wash, baby cream, diaper cream, nipple balm, stretch mark cream, may lindstrom honey mud, lip balm, the beauty chef hydration, innersense shampoo and condition and paytka body wash.

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Thank you so much to everyone who purchased a ticket and attended this event. I LOVED meeting so many of you who I talk to so often and can’t tell you how much your support meant to me. Can I just say… we ALL made such a difference in these women’s lives. 387 items were purchased off the registry and over $1800 as donated through ticket sales and financial contributions to Maggie’s Place. THANK YOU!