37 WEEK UPDATE (Round 2)

August 15, 2018

Due Date: September 5th
How far along: 37 weeks!
Size of baby:19.1 in. & 6.3lb and is the size of a romaine heart
How many days to go: 28
Best moment of this week: My baby shower event this past Saturday. So excited to share all the details with you on this event. It went absolutely perfect and I couldn’t be more grateful for the people who supported and were involved.
Miss anything: The ability to eat and drink whatever I want.
Movement:Yes! So much movement.
Food cravings: Ice cream or some treat at night after dinner, always.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing.
Have you started to show yet:Yes
Gender: GIRL
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!!
Looking forward to: Getting organized now that my event is over. Let the 3 week countdown begin!! Whoa!

Q/A of the week:

How are you preparing Vivienne for baby? I still think she is too young to fully comprehend what is going on. She thinks she’s growing a baby too 😉 but we are always reading sister books, talking about baby, and she has become obsessed with anything baby and sisters right now. Loves Frozen, a shirt with two girls on it, and her books. Its really cute. As much as I don’t know if she fully gets it, I think and hope she will be obsessed when her sister comes.

Do you think baby will be early or late? I think more early than late but truthfully, I have no idea. The weeks feel like they are flying by when my first pregnancy felt like the last couple weeks were an eternity.

Are you more nervous or less about this labor? I think less… I truthfully don’t think too much about it. It’s inevitable… why stress? I know I can do it (with an epidural, of course!) haha

On IG Story, you said you were taking Lucy to a bootcamp soon. Why? We have had Lucy for 7 years and never fully worked on her anxiety/issues… she constantly barks at noises and people who ring the bell/walk in the house. Sometimes lunges at people when they are in the same room as me. Very protective. Since V can walk and run after her… she has growled and made me nervous that she could nip at her. Especially with a new baby on the way, I’d like to really work on getting Lucy better with her inner anxiety so she can live happier and we do not have to fear anything bad may happen. I couldn’t imagine not doing anything knowing that it is a possibility. I’ll keep you updated on how Lucy is doing with it.

If two babies become a lot of work, do you ever think of being a stay at home mom? Of course. All the time. There’s nothing I’d want more than to raise my girls. I think regardless, I’ll always be working as this blog is a job in itself.

How do you do it all and still look fabulous all the time? OK, I felt weird writing that question out. But it was a real question. Ha! I honestly do not think I look fabulous all the time. I rarely wear makeup and hang in sweats more of the time, but I will say I’ve been working hard on my skin. Especially after dealing with bad skin during my first pregnancy and first trimester in this one, it’s nice to just have good skin again! See skincare routine here.

Do you feel ready for #2? I think there will always be good days and bad days which make me nervous for adding a baby into the mix. I have no idea how its going to be… but I just know that a great partner is crucial to get through it. Hoping we work just as good together as we did with V.

Are you filming the birth for Total Bellas? I was hesitant about this as its a very personal day to share… but have I ever held back? TBD.

What is your birth plan? I don’t have one other than a safe delivery and epidural.

Will you be getting assistance from a nanny when baby is here? Yes, we will keep our nanny as scheduled from 9-12 in the mornings. This way I can still work on the blog and be a mom.

Do you have any signs of labor? Not really, but cramps here and there.

How do you keep your energy up? Motivation to get stuff done. Organization and cleanliness calms me down and I actually enjoy the nesting process…

Would you be ready to go at 37 weeks? No.

Are you packed and ready to go? No. Probably pack a bag this week/weekend.

Keep the questions coming every week!