August 22, 2018

Due Date: September 5th
How far along: 38 weeks!
Size of baby: 19.6 in. & 6.8lb and is the size of a leek
How many days to go: 14
Best moment of this week: This is my first week home not working at the office, and its been great to spend more time on the blog and with Vivienne. I do feel like I am all over the place though… going from blog to laundry REAL quick. haha!
Movement:Yes! So much movement.
Food cravings: Ice cream or some treat at night after dinner, always.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing.
Have you started to show yet:Yes
Gender: GIRL
Happy or moody most of the time:  Tired yet still motivated to get certain things done… but I crash around 3pm
Looking forward to: Hopefully a relaxing weekend and packing my hospital bag.

Q/A of the week:

Are you getting sleep? I’ve had crazy dreams and have been waking up more having to go to the restroom or realizing the I’m on my back. Last night, Lucy was all over me and next to me which didn’t help my sleep.

Any contractions or signs of labor? I have some Braxton hicks/contractions but nothing close

Favorite part of this pregnancy? Having better skin sooner than later.

What double stroller did you decide on? We will have two double strollers. The one we had with Vivienne, which was the UPPAbaby Vista can convert to two, tandem style. We also got a side by side stroller from UPPAbaby G-link double stroller.

Are you nervous about labor? I’ve become more nervous by just reading all the comments from my latest real talk inspiration post- which is “what did you wish you knew before you experienced it with pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. It reminds you that just because you had an easy labor the first time, doesn’t mean you will have the same experience with your second.

Are you getting a c-section? Not planning to. I would like a vaginal birth with an epidural, please. Yet, a safe delivery is all I really care about.

Did you take any birthing classes? Before V? If so, which ones? Yes, we took “Preparing for Childbirth” at the hospital and JJ did a daddy bootcamp.

What do you use for stretch marks? I use Erbiviva oil and cream

How much do you think your new baby will weigh? You won’t know for sure until they are born but doctor is estimating same as Vivienne around low 7’s.

How did you avoid gaining a lot of weight? Honestly, I didn’t. It is so strange to me because I’ve actually gained less than I did with Vivienne but I feel and look larger than when I did with V. How does that even work? I don’t watch what I eat but I have noticed that I crave less food than when I was pregnant with Vivienne. I was a carb crazy girl at the beginning with V and wanted nothing to do with vegetables the majority of my pregnancy. It’s a little different now.

How do you do it all? I don’t haha I just try my very best.

Are you more tired this time around? I think adding a toddler to the mix def makes it more difficult. Without her, I could lounge as much as possible. I’d say I am def more tired this time around but working with what I can.

What’s in your diaper bag? Blog coming soon.

Do you know how many days leading up to ovulation you had sex? I’m trying for a girl? Honestly, I don’t think any of that is accurate. You can try all you want but whatever you are meant to have you will have. We didn’t “try” for any specific sex based off of what people say you should do with ovulation timing. We did have sex when I was ovulating (from what I assumed I was ovulating) and it just so happened to work.

Keep the questions coming… two weeks left! Whoa