My #PureGoals Story

August 23, 2018

As moms, we want nothing but the best for our babies. The “best” may mean different things for different babies, but every mom will go through great lengths to get whatever that may be. Whether it’s trying every kind of diaper on the market (I did the same and it resulted in falling in love with how comfortable and supportive Pampers Pure diapers and wipes collection were for Vivienne) or pumping all hours of the day to get the right quantity of breastmilk, you just do it… because you are a boss and don’t compromise.

With that being said, behind every mom is a tribe of other moms on that same quest… sharing, encouraging, and supporting one another to get where they want to be. Alongside my best girlfriends and family, you are my tribe! So, lets continue to share and encourage one another the best we know how. I’d love to hear more about ways you don’t compromise as a mother. As a Pampers Pure Partner, we call this #PureGoals. A movement to celebrate the great lengths moms go through to give babies the best of everything.

When Vivienne was first born, I had this intense feeling of love, protection, and sacrifice. Nothing could stand in my way of giving her the best possible life. So, that’s what I intended to do. I researched, attended classes, and wanted to learn the most about the best way to be a first-time mom. I quickly learned that for your baby to be happy, you too have to be happy. This meant, getting enough sleep and personal breaks throughout the day. Naptime. I was all about naptime.

I took a class early on called, Will I Ever Sleep Again? I followed the course religiously to get Vivienne on a sleep schedule, which also included multiple naps throughout the day. It was a science and commitment but completely worth it in the end. I was determined. So determined that I would make sure naptime sat at the top of my list throughout the day. This meant missing events, leaving places early, sitting in my car for 30 minutes while she slept, and even checking in on the monitor to make sure my husband woke her up on time while I was at work during the day. Little crazy, I know. The things we do as mothers. Since I was so adamant to get her on a schedule and self soothe, she is now an amazing sleeper. A major mom win!

So I’ve turned my life upside down for nap time, but it is worth it. The time to rejuvenate is not just important for Vivienne, it is important for me as a parent. Now I want to hear yours – share it with me, the #PureTribe and Chrissy Teigen using #PureGoals on social.