32 WEEKS PREGNANT (2nd Round)

Jul 12, 2018

Due Date: September 5th
How far along: 32 weeks!  
Size of baby: 16.7 in & 3.8 lb, size of a bok choy
How many days to go: 56
Best moment of this week: Going to our last ultrasound and seeing baby girl. Unfortunately, she didn’t want to show her face (like Vivienne was). So I guess we will all meet for the first time when she comes 🙂 We also are having our master and nursery done this week, so I have been going crazy with organizing. Its a love/hate but in the end, will be so happy to be organized sooner than later. Full nesting mode! 
Miss anything: Raw fish
Movement: Yes!
Food cravings: Nothing major 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing.
Have you started to show yet: Yes
Gender: GIRL
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!!
Looking forward to: Nursery and master bedroom being finished tomorrow!!!


Q/A of the week:

What are you putting in your hospital bag? I haven’t packed a bag yet, but ill be sure to do an updated post on what I plan to bring soon.

Have any big cravings or aversions this time around? I think I just choose carbs because I can, but honestly have craved more healthy this time around. Or at least OK with having a salad at lunch, where I barely wanted any type of greens while pregnant with Vivienne.Ice cream every night, haha!

What are some things that people have done to be a major help? I planned early on to have Lifestyled Co. design, source, and create our nursery for baby #2. I knew with having Vivienne and being so busy it would be a lot more stressful for me to put it together. Tomorrow it is being installed and I can not wait! I told Kristen to run with it, make it unique and different than Vivienne’s … so I cant wait to see it!

Do you have stretch marks? How do you avoid them? I don’t but I feel like I could! Feel so FULL lately! I have been using this stretch mark oil and cream to prevent.

Do you think V will be more attached to you when baby comes? I think with any new situation, there will be some adjusting. She loves her cousin, Madison who is 5 months old… so I’d imagine she will be a little stalker.

What diaper bag do you plan to use with two babies? Will continue to use the Lily Jade diaper bag. I don’t think there is a need to make too many changes from 1-2 kids. It’s a pretty good size bag.

How did you decide on your stroller? We used the UPPAbaby VISTA with Vivienne and really liked the stroller. We liked that there was a large storage department at the bottom and the ability to grow with the family. So we are doing that as well as having a side by side stroller by UPPAbaby called the G-LINK.

Was there a specific reason the girls aren’t sharing a room? I mean, can you imagine a newborn and toddler sharing a room? Perhaps you have done it, but I personally cant imagine it. Plus, I like to be in the nursery at night vs. in bed with me when she wakes for feedings.

Have you found a new car yet?  We are holding off on the new car right now and continuing to look into upgrading the SUV at some point. No major rush right now.

Have your dogs warmed up to Vivienne and how did you prepare them for baby? So, we didn’t really prepare them for baby. Lucy was the ultimate stalker and would jump on us when sitting in the glider… it was a situation. But they have managed to be fine with her for the most part. Lucy in general is a little bit more difficult pup. She barks at any sound, is skiddish, and has growled if Vivienne is too much in her space. At the end of August, we are actually having her go to a 5 week bootcamp with local dog trainers to help deal with her anxiety and any issues that may come up with toddlers. I want to be safe before sorry and not put Vivienne (or Lucy) in a future bad situation. It’s been a long time coming with Miss Lucy. I am hoping this will really help her anxiety.


Keep the questions coming every week!