July 4, 2018

Due Date: September 5th
How far along: 31 weeks! 
Size of baby: 16.2 in & 3.3 lb, size of a broccoli stalk 
How many days to go: 63
Best moment of this week: 
Miss anything: Raw fish
Movement: Yes!
Food cravings: Bread
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing.
Have you started to show yet: Yes
Gender: GIRL
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy but I definitely have days of stress. 
Looking forward to: Day off this week from work for the 4th, final ultrasound next week, and Lifestyled Co. coming in to do our installs for master and nursery!


Q/A of the week:

Do you think you’ll change your mind about only having 2 kids? haha I love that this is the question after writing such a long post about our decision. I mean, we are planning to prevent that from happening. If we do decide to have a third, which we are not at this point in time, we will look into adoption.

Is there anything you’ve done differently with this pregnancy because you know its your last one? Have you had any emotions with this being your last? I think I’ve been so busy with work and Vivienne that its been harder to really feel the emotions that its my last pregnancy. I’ve been trying to enjoy it as much as possible. I am a pretty chill pregnant chick as it is, but I think I’m even more chill this time around.

What are you putting on your registry this time around? We actually aren’t doing a registry. We have Lifestyled Co. coming to do our nursery NEXT WEEK and will be purchasing some necessary items (diaper pal, hamper, etc.) ourselves.

How do you plan to juggle work, kids, and blogging? I guess you’ll have to follow along and see 🙂 I’m a go with the flow person, so we will see how it all happens.

What do you enjoy most about being pregnant?  What advice would you have wanted to know before getting pregnant for the first time? The food! All the carbs! All the ice cream! Granted, I’m not the most unhealthy person ever, but I love how I can indulge in the good stuff.

Anything you learned with the first as a newborn/toddler that you will do different this time around? I think we focused a lot on Vivienne having a schedule, which I will do again. I waited to transition V to a crib by 4 months, so I see us doing that a little sooner this time around.

Whats your plans for work? Regardless of being at an office job or blogging, I’ll always be working.

Are you getting a double stroller? Yes, we are planning to use the UPPAbaby stroller second attachment and then get a side by side double stroller.

Any new products that you are using with #2 that you didn’t use with V? I truthfully haven’t had time to really look or organize yet for her arrival. Once the nursery is done, I’ll be able to take a closer look at what we have and need. I don’t plan to really go overboard with new stuff. We have a lot that we can use for her that we used for Vivienne.

What if you were pregnant with twins this time around, since you only said you wanted 2 kids? Then, we have twins. Again, its not in our control.



Keep the questions coming every week!