Hermosa Inn

July 12, 2018

JJ, Vivienne and I had the pleasure of staying a night at The Hermosa Inn this past weekend and I NEED to tell you how stunning this place is. Not only is it full of history and original charm, but the landscape and greenery surrounding this beautiful retreat will make you feel like you are in a secret garden. Not to mention, its easily the most accommodating and friendly hotel we have stayed at in the valley. I would highly recommend this property to any family or friends who are looking to vacation in Arizona.

We arrived at around 530pm on Saturday evening with the entire family (brought the pups too!) and were accommodated with the most spacious two-bedroom casita, equipped with a reserved crib for Vivienne to sleep in, dog treats, and so many delicious snacks/beverages for JJ and I.

Before getting ourselves cleaned up for dinner, we walked the property to check out the area and take in our surroundings. The pool still had a few people lounging, the sun was shining, and the bar was filling up with guests and locals. Speaking of the bar, I had a mocktail all weekend long that was so good, it did not make me miss alcohol one bit. I kid you not. If you are pregnant or just do not drink alcohol: order the Mango Mocktail from the bartender. It’s basically a non-alcoholic Moscow Mule, create with Fever Tree Ginger, Mango Puree, Fresh Lime and Mint. I can’t even describe how refreshing and delicious this drink is!

That evening, we had our nanny come to the hotel to watch Vivienne while we had dinner together, and it was probably one of the best meals in a long time. Not JUST because of the amazing service and dishes we ate (hello surf and turf), but because we literally laughed the entire meal. Over shishito peppers. Aren’t those the best date nights? The ones that are just easy and full of tearful laughs that other people probably wouldn’t understand?

The next day (Sunday), we requested a late check out to spend the entire day enjoying the resort. Before brunch, we walked the dogs, relaxed in our room, and took a few photos around the property. Early morning is my favorite for photos- and essential to dodge this Arizona summer heat. We sat outside for Brunch, and enjoyed the monkey bread and sizzling bacon to start. Vivienne ordered the French Toast, I had the Eggs Benedict, and JJ opted for the Short Rib Hash. This amazing meal completely filled us up at 10am, and tied us over until we ordered chips and guacamole and fresh fruit in our cabana. It was a beautiful day, and we took FULL advantage of the pool until Vivienne napped at around 12:30-1pm. While Vivienne napped, I soaked in the large standing tub for about an hour straight… listening to a book I had been loving and going through my Instagram feed. We spent the rest of the afternoon just lounging around the space, and literally didn’t leave property until about 5pm. It was lovely!

I hope you enjoyed some photos from our stay and a little peek into our weekend. We seriously had the most amazing time and all was due to the amazing staff at The Hermosa Inn. I can’t speak more highly of these individuals who make your stay so warm and welcoming. Every little detail was perfect.

Thank you again, Hermosa Inn for having us! Until next time.

Photos by Lola Garcia and Jennica Maes / aMaes Photography