May 31, 2018

Due Date: September 5th
How far along: 26 weeks! 
Size of baby: 14 in & 1.7 lb, size of a coconut 
How many days to go: 98
Best moment of this week: fun evenings with family, making good dinners and dancing to oldies 
Miss anything: Not being a DD haha
Movement: Yes 
Food cravings: No major cravings. Just eat whatever I want, when I want. I have found myself eating healthier this time around but still don’t weigh myself or worry about that. It’s my time to ENJOY. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing. I honestly don’t even feel pregnant other than this growing bump!
Have you started to show yet: Yes
Gender: GIRL
Happy or moody most of the time: SICK 🙁
Looking forward to: Getting rid of this sickness!

Q/A of the week:

Do you have a name picked out? We do, but will not be sharing.

Will you have a separate nursery for baby #2? Yes. Excited to have Lifestyled Co. design this room, hoping to be done with it within the next month to share.

What are you preparing for the hospital this time around? Honestly, I haven’t thought that far ahead. I will def be looking back on my old blog post about what I actually used during our hospital stay. See post here.

There were a lot of questions asked that I had already answered in previous Q&As, feel free to circle back to previous posts to see if I had already answered your question.