Saks Optical Boutique

September 10, 2017

Last week, I was invited to experience the new Optical Boutique at Saks Fifth Avenue located at the Biltmore Fashion Park. From having an eye exam to picking out a new designer frame, I was so excited to check out the new addition.

Growing up, I was always embarrassed to wear glasses in public. Perhaps we didn’t have the styles we do today, but I never wanted to wear them long enough to care. I lacked confidence and always had a hard time picking out a cute pair that fit me (tiny head problems). In fact, the last time I shopped for glasses was about 4 years ago, wearing the same frames today, before bedtime. I now realize that I could really use a pair to wear more often. Alas, I am so excited to share about my experience and show you the chosen pair.

I arrived at 4pm, to be greeted by the manager and Ophthalmologist assistant to start my eye exam and fill out some necessary paperwork (aka medical history via iPad). When I started the exam, I didn’t realize that the majority of it would be done by a digital Ophthalmologist. Thats right… you know when the doctor asks you if you can see the letters and switches your prescription based off of your answers? That was all done the exact same way but with the doctor remoting in via video chat. I was amazed and often thought to myself… wow, have we come a long way! I guess this is 2017.

After the exam was finished and I was satisfied with my new prescription, I went to the boutique to try on some frames. This was the hardest part of the entire appointment as decisions aren’t really my strong suit; especially when there are so many options to choose from.

After some process of elimination and determining the look I would wear most often, I decided on these beautiful frames by Dita Eyewear. Since they are such a high quality frame, my face measurements and prescription had to be sent out, taking approximately 2 weeks to return. I am so excited to receive my new glasses- and I love how easy and painless this whole process was! If you are looking for high quality options and a simple and unique experience, call 602-955-8400 to book an appointment.

The winner!!

Photos by Amaes_Photography