Mama needs an upgrade

August 29, 2017

Recently, JJ and I have been talking about upgrading my car to an SUV. Now, don’t get me wrong… I love my 2015 3 series BMW and the upgrade is not yet completely NECESSARY; but with my lease ending the beginning of next year, I really want to start looking at options for when baby #2 comes along.

No, I am not pregnant but yes, we would like to have another baby in the next 3 years. Thinking ahead over here! #momlife.

So, what exactly am I looking for in an upgrade?

  1. Safety aka a larger vehicle
  2. More space for an additional car seat and luggage for traveling
  3. Rearview cameras cause I am an awesome driver
  4. Bonus: automatic button for closing trunk

Although the automatic button for closing the trunk isn’t a necessity to me, I wouldn’t mind having it either. It’s the little things in life 😉 Oh, and have you ever heard of the kick to open trunk feature? It’s the coolest. You literally wave your foot under the trunk of the car (with key in hand) and the trunk pops open automatically. Perfect for the days when your arms are full of groceries! Now that I am thinking about it, I wouldn’t mind having this feature in my life (note to self).

A few weeks ago, I swapped out my 3 series to have a detailed cleaning and have the weekend to test drive the x1. I never have time to get my car cleaned, so a deep clean was the answer to all my OCD prayers! I’ve been maintaining it ever since! I handed over the keys to Garrett as he examined my car before sending me on my way. I hopped in to the x1 and back to Phoenix I went. I absolutely loved driving this car! I felt high but not too high and completely safe in this vehicle. I drove it often… to the grocery store, top golf, and even tested out running errands with Vivienne. I loved how easy it was to install the Uppa baby car seat. The only downside of the x1 was the space. The trunk and passenger seat was about the same size, if not smaller than my 3 series.

It felt strange getting back in my car after a long weekend (but can we talk about how clean it looks?) as I felt so low to the ground. It confirmed that JJ was right about us getting an SUV. But, which one? There’s no better way than to test out more options. Stay tuned!

Thank you to Chapman BMW for the detailed cleaning (Chandler location) and for providing this amazing loaner for the weekend.

Photos by @aMaes_Photography