Maple and Ash Meetup Event

August 17, 2021

This past Saturday, I hosted my first event since Covid. I can’t believe the last one was almost two years ago. It was exactly what I and so many amazing local women (and 3 who flew in) needed. A few hours to get dressed up, sip champagne, and mingle on a weekend morning without our significant others/kids. 

I was so happy to hear of the many women I encouraged to come alone, despite being out of their comfort zone as they left with new friendships and contacts. To me, that’s exactly what these events are all about. Not only meeting some of my biggest supporters and able to put a face to a handle, but doing what I love … getting women to come together. 

Thank you to Maple and Ash Scottsdale, one of my absolute favorite restaurants in Arizona, for hosting this event. From the ambiance, food, and bottomless mimosas; everyone had the best time and you went above and beyond.

Photography: Lauren Schumacher (@thelaurenstyle)