How to Workout at Home

June 24, 2020

Working out at home has always been difficult for me, pre- quarantine. I was easily distracted, often procrastinated, and then… the day gets away from me. As of late … I cancelled all my gym memberships and came to the conclusion that I actually prefer working out from home…. once I got into the routine of doing it.

So, what do I need?

  1. Your necessary equipment (yoga mat, weights, bands, etc).
  2. Join an online membership program
  3. Find free workout programs/youtube channels/apps
  4. Set a time to workout (nap time, mornings, before the kids wake up, when the kids go to bed). I prefer mornings personally.
  5. Water

Online Membership programs to try (I can only recommend what I have personally tried.. I know there are so many options out there).

  1. Melissa Wood Health ($100 for a year) * currently doing.
  2. John Peel Fitness (30 Day Bodyweight Challenge- $79)
  3. Obe Fitness (30% off first month)
  4. Barre3 online workouts ($29 a month)