Vivienne’s Big Girl Room

May 11, 2020

We had been talking about transitioning Vivienne’s room for a few months; going back and forth on minimal changes like only a twin bed or changing big and doing a whole room design. The once all white nursery that I proudly put together before her arrival in October 2016, was looking rather outdated and young. It was time for a change, but like always, I can never make decisions.

I played around with a few beds that I’d bring into the room, a playhouse style and rattan twin bed. I’m sure some of you may remember the poll I put up on stories. I fell in love with the rattan design with the pink velvet chair by Crate and Kids. Although a little pricier option, I knew it would be good quality and she could grow with them for years to come.

I spoke with Kristen Hancock of Guided Home Design during Christmas dinner at my sister-in-laws house. She had just helped design her space and I wanted to pick her brain on a few options for the room. One thing led to another and we had an entire space drawn up. I feel like that is the story of my life. I can never just do a small change. It’s either nothing or all in.

Kristen and I went back and forth on bed placement, back wall options, and style of beds. Below are some of the first slides sent to me. From there, we tossed back ideas on colors and what I liked or did not like about the designs. I think it’s important to see that there is a process when working with a designer. It may take a few times to get on the same page. It’s about working together to get the end goal and make everyone happy. I also say, let the designers be the designers. You hired them for a reason.

Layout example option one
Layout example option two

In my situation, I wasn’t sold on the wallpaper or bed style… which brought us back to deciding on the original rattan bed that I picked out from Crate and Kids. Wallpaper is hard for me. I’m a minimalist at heart and can visualize basic colors and style than bold and a lot of pattern.

Kristen sent me a photo from Instagram, showcasing the Rae wallpaper design by Loomwell. I thought it was a cute design, semi nervous about its boldness, but ultimately the right choice for a big girl room. I showed Vivienne the design and she was sold, which was good enough for me. What I love about Loomwell is the wallpaper isn’t permanent unless you want it to be. It’s a stickable wallpaper that can be easily applied and removed from your wall, so if you want to make a change a year later… no sweat! The best invention.

After a few months of decision making, extra months of COVID-19, we finally came to a conclusion of design and a date for installation. Kristen and one of her lead designers, Maddie came to my home last Thursday equipped with masks and following all the appropriate guidelines for social distancing. They came with boxes of accessories from their store StyleMeGHD located in Old Town, Scottsdale. It took about 4 hours+ and we had ourselves a gorgeous new room for Vivienne. We all could not have been happier with how it turned out.

Photos by Jennica Maes of Amaes Photography

Room by Kristen Hancock of Guided Home Design

Product Links

Wallpaper: Loomwell 

Vivienne name sign: Amped and Co.

Bed Frame: Rattan Twin Bed 

Chair: Avery Dusty Mauve Velvet Swivel Chair

Rugs: Boutique Rugs: Wood Area Rug and Sheepskin Rug (use discount code LOLA60 for 60% off)

Mirror: Taylor Floor Mirror (use code whatlolalikes)

Dresser: Reese Extra Wide

Hardware on Dresser: Straight Laced Pull (use code whatlolalikes)

Hardware on Closet: Gemstone Prism Pull in Sand (use code whatlolalikes)

Wall Vase: Nelly Hanging Wall Pockets (use code whatlolalikes)

Cactus Plant: Faux Myrtillocactus Cactus (use code whatlolalikes)

Basket: Christie Basket  (use code whatlolalikes)

Pom Pom Pillows: Rainbow Pom Pom Pillow (use code whatlolalikes)

Mattress: Lull Bed

Comforter/Sheets/Pillows: Lull Bed

Orange Velvet Pillow: Camel Lumbar Pillow (use code whatlolalikes)

Throw blanket: Luxxe Pom Pom Throw (use code whatlolalikes)

Nightstands: Paisley Nightstands (use code whatlolalikes)

Rattan Wall Hanger: Rattan Wall Hanger (use code whatlolalikes)

Wall Sconce: Bubble Wall Sconce (use code whatlolalikes)

Acrylic Shelves: James Reese Baby

Ballerina Prints: Etsy

Bed Bumpers: Used for twin bed without needing railings: Amazon  

Other accessories from room: shop everything used here.

Shop StyleMeGHD (online and in-store) the month of May and use code whatlolalikes for a discount and automatically be entered into a drawing of $500 to shop. Winner will be chosen on June 1st. Their StyleMeGHD store located in Old Town, Scottsdale is planning to re-open door on May 18th.