Toys in Quarantine

May 8, 2020

This week, we have started to open up in Arizona. I’m super excited, yet I won’t lie, kind of in a what do I do with this mode? Do I run out and do all the things? Or do just one thing at a time? I know for certain, I am def getting my extensions tightened as soon as possible… 100%. In general, I’m excited for everything to start going back to normal and for small businesses to open their doors again. 

Even though we have started the process, I know some of the world isn’t quite there yet.  Today, I am sharing our toys of quarantine. What has kept us all stay sane, educated, entertained, and a few items we ended up splurging for the kids. 


  • Pom Pom Balls – Have your child use chopsticks to sort the colors in an ice tray. Another activity is to cut holes in a shoe box with the specific color surrounding the hole. Your child will then put the specific colored pom pom in the right colored hole.
  • Mess-Free Markers and Paper – We are big on mess-free in this house. All other crayons or markers that are not are locked away. Having mess-free allows them to take it out themselves and get to coloring without asking which I love. 
  • Colorful Circle Stickers  – There are endless amount of activities you can do with circle stickers. Matching letters, colors, etc. See other ways you can use dot stickers with
  • Paint – Always a hit.
  • Stickers – There are some days where I don’t want to think too deep about what to do with the girls and I end up giving the girls a bunch of stickers and roll out a long piece of paper and say, have at it!
  • Crayons -Same as paint.
  • Colorful construction paper -I think having colorful paper in the house is a staple. Not only can you use it for so many things, its a great way to keep education with play.  Having your child match dots with the colored paper, etc. etc.
  • Dabbers – Same as crayons and paint.




If all else fails. Put your kid(s) in a bath!

I hope some of these suggestions were helpful to those of you looking to add a few new items while being home with your kids. I honestly think this conversation could go on and on if you wanted to continue to add sections. What I love about some of the educational toys and craft options are how versatile they are. You could use the items many times over and in many different ways. Shop it all via Amazon page.