City Guide: North Lake Tahoe

Aug 6, 2019

Hey, Friends! 

Happy Monday! We are officially home sweet home in Phoenix and back to our normal scheduled routine. I won’t lie… we were all really sad to leave Lake Tahoe and truthfully not ready to come home. From the weather, to lake days, to extended time spent with family… it was the best month and I am SO grateful we were able to do that with our girls. Since being home, the heat has been difficult to get used to, but otherwise… we have been loving being home. Home is comfort and you really forget how much you miss all your things being in one place and… even how nice it is to just sleep in your own bed! Ours is pretty amazing too! 

I promised a guide to those of you traveling to North Lake Tahoe in the future and wanted to share our personal experience and a few places we recommend while visiting. We unfortunately did not venture to South Lake Tahoe, so I won’t be able to share any recommended places from there.  

To start, where did we stay? We rented an Airbnb at the McCloud Condominiums in Incline Village, NV, which I highly recommend staying in that area if you can. We all had our own room, a washer/dryer, space, and was walking distance to the lake. It had a cabin like feel, which was very cozy and fitting for Tahoe. JJ drove our car from Phoenix, while I flew with the girls, and we rented a few baby related items to help us pack less using Baby Quip. 

Below are the places we visited while staying in Tahoe. A lot of our lake days were taken place on a private beach, as our family owns condos close by. I know with a little research, you can find many public options to check out.  


  • Fumo – Incline Village
  • Sierra Café at The Hyatt – Incline Village 
  • Mountain High Sandwich Co. – Incline Village 
  • Sunshine Café- Incline Village 


  • Jake’s on the Lake – Tahoe City 
  • Lone Eagle Grill – Incline Village 
  • Gar woods – Carnelian Bay
  • Mountain High Sandwich Co. – Incline Village 


  • Lone Eagle Grill – Incline Village 
  • Cut Throats at The Hyatt – Incline Village 
  • Bite American Tapas – Incline Village 
  • Wolfdale’s Restaurant – Tahoe City 
  • Christy Hill Lakeside Bistro – Tahoe City 


  • Mofo’s – Incline Village 
  • Cut Throats at The Hyatt – Incline Village 


  • Incline Village Rec Center– JJ and I paid for us to work out there for a month, was walking distance from McCloud, and also had a daycare that both girls were OK going to. 

Nail Salon 

  • Crystal Nail and Spa- Incline Village 


  • Raley’s – Incline Village 

Ice Cream 

  • Poppy’s Frozen Yogurt – Tahoe City 
  • Tahoe Time, Fro Yo and Ice Cream – King’s Beach 
  • Susie Scoops Ice Cream – Incline Village
  • Austin’s Ice Cream- Incline Village 


  • King’s Beach Mini Golf – King’s Beach 
  • Preston Field Playground – Incline Village (public) 
  • Ski Beach Playground – Incline Village (private) 
  • 2 Hour Kayak tour via The Hyatt – Incline Village 
  • Tahoe City Commons Beach Playground- Tahoe City (public) 
  • Movies at Incline Village Cinema – Incline Village 
  • Incline Village Farmers Market – Incline Village 
  • Casino at The Hyatt – Incline Village 
  • Seadoo’s on the lake (we used our family’s but you can rent on any beach- through Hyatt) 
  • Boat Rental: Tahoe Sailing Charters, we loved Captain Tyler- Tahoe City. 
  • Bowling at Bowl Incline – Incline Village 
  • Visit Tahoe City 
  • Visit King’s Beach 
  • Visit downtown Truckee (farmers market, shops, many restaurants) 
  • Watch a play on the lake, Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival – Sand Harbor  

Family Photo Shoot

  • by Emma Wynn Paul Photography. She was so easy to work with, so sweet, and worked great with kids. 

xoxo, Lola