Self-Care Event at Barre3

June 12, 2019

Self-care is a phrase we often say and acknowledge as important, yet most never follow through. As people, we have other things to do. As women, we often take care of others before ourselves. As moms, we feel guilty taking time away. There are a number of excuses we tell ourselves on a regular basis and the pattern stays unchanging. Then what happens? We grow exhausted. We resent our spouses and kids. We break down.

I want to help change this pattern.

Last Saturday, I put together a private meet up for my followers to take a free class at BARRE3. See latest post about what BARRE3 is and how I got my motivation back in exercise. As a local blogger, I LOVE meeting my followers. I thought it would be fun to get a group together to meet, promote self-care, and perhaps try something new! This event was in no way sponsored by BARRE3, it was something I personally wanted to put together and do for my local following. Thank you to everyone who was so supportive and willing to attend.

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At the end of class (holy crap it was a great workout- thank you Kerri Foster!) we enjoyed some sips of Nekter smoothie and juices while I did a few announcements and surprise giveaways. Thank you to these amazing people/companies for being a part of this event and donating your services to these amazing women!

Kerri Foster, Instructor at Barre3
  • BARRE3 (one month unlimited classes)
  • Hainsworth & Co. (wash, blow-dry, style)
  • Melt by Melissa (Gift card to services- Melt is where I do microblading and eyelash extensions)
  • Kimberly Miller Skin (facial)
  • Kevin Beck at Lifetime Fitness (massage)
  • Citrine Natural Beauty Bar (skincare, gift cards, protein powder)
  • PROSE (mani/pedi)

So, how does one make more time for self-care?

We ask for it. We maybe start small. We do.

Being on the same page with your spouse is key, yet I can completely understand that it doesn’t always happen. We are all busy, some of us are parents, yet, all are individuals with individuals needs and likes. Your spouse would probably agree that they too like to go to the movies, play a sport, or enjoy some downtime with friends. You shouldn’t lose that person just because you got married or have children. It may not be as often as you’d like, but it doesn’t mean you can never do certain things again. The only way to do it… is ask. For me, I ask for dinners with girlfriends, time to exercise, and even a mini break just to go get my nails done. It can make such an impact on your mood and day to day. For those of you reading this and going, “that all sounds nice, but I can’t afford to do something outside of the house every day.” 100%… me either. You don’t have to. A lot of the time if I can’t get out of the house, I’ll throw on a face mask to feel normal and do something for me. They don’t have to be expensive masks, even putting avocado on your face or googling an at home body scrub can do the trick! Other things: drawing, reading a book, meditate, listening to a podcast, at home work out, all little things that can help keep you feeling YOU!

I challenge you to do one thing for yourself daily. It doesn’t have to be big… being mindful that it’s important and will make you consistently happier at the end of the day.

Thank you BARRE3 for being such a great place for me to go to on the regular, getting me back into a healthy mindset, and helping me host this event!

xoxo, Lola