Introduction to Barre3

May 29, 2019

After I had Alice, I found it SO difficult to make time to exercise. I thought of a million other things that I needed to do and not to mention, wanted to spend the extra time I had either with my girls or working. I felt guilty when I went to the gym yet lacked motivation altogether. I was in a rut! 

Months later. Yup, Alice is almost 9 months now. I finally feel like I have my groove back. It is such a great feeling to actually WANT to work out. Head over to the blog to find a few tipsI found helpful to get motivated again. 

Since Barre3 has been a huge contribute to my motivation, I thought I would give a little more information on what the class is all about. Lauren from Barre3 helped me with answers to some of these questions. 

So, what is Barre 3?“Barre3 is a 60-minute full body balanced workout that combines strength conditioning, cardio, and mindfulness. You’ll be guided through sustained holds, muscle-burning micro-movements, and heart-pumping cardio bursts. The barre3 signature approach will leave you feeling balanced in body and empowered from within.” 

Why the Barre?“It provides support. It’s there if you need to hold on and remains a constant when you’re ready to let go. It offers a way to turn inward, away from the group, or to form a circle facing one another. No matter how we connect with the barre, it connects us all.” 

Why “3”?“Three is a symbol of balance. We turn inward at barre3 and tune into our inherent strength. We look at imbalances in our daily lives as opportunities, not failures. We use these as opportunities to move forward in life toward a more balanced state.” 

How Barre3 differs from the others?“We celebrate modifications. We meet our clients where they are, every single day. We empower clients to listen to their bodies and honor their truth. Barre3 is for every BODY. Each client makes it their own based on where they are that day. Barre3 is more than a workout. It counteracts imbalances like opening the chest from hunching forwards as we text or type on our computers all day, it strengthens our glutes, which we sit on most of the day (they need more love as they are our biggest muscle and help us have better posture), it strengthens our stabilizer muscles, improves posture, lengthens the spine, strengthens the core (barre3 is a 60-minute core workout), works the body 360 degrees, we stretch the body while it’s still warm and reset the spine throughout class. All of the moves we do in barre3 helps us to do everything better like holding our kids, hiking, carrying groceries, running, biking, weight lifting, you name it. These moves are made to prevent injuries, they are also low-impact, but highly effective.” 

What’s unique about the class?“We focus on our breath throughout class, and also at the end of class. This allows us to calm down our nervous system, detox and regenerate our bodies, improves digestion (the spinal twists we do throughout class also detox and improve digestion)… the list goes on with benefits of deep breathing, but these are the main points that we talk about in class. “

Is it pregnancy safe? Yes, I have seen many pregnant women in the classes. There are certain modifications available (example: going to the barre while everyone planks on the ground) but it is absolutely OK during pregnancy. 

Appropriate for someone new to working out?YES! Barre3 helped me so much in gaining my stamina back. There are people working out in all levels of fitness as well as age groups, which is really amazing to see. 

Most challenging part of work out?Honestly, it depends on the day for me. Sometimes, if I am in a hurry I will skip the breathing at the end or I’ll feel strong the whole time! I think it differs for all people and your level of fitness but what I can say I like the most is the cardio portion.  

What’s a typical workout like? The 60-minute class is explained well above but in my experience each instructor does it a little different (yet kind of similar). Some just utilize the props a little differently (weights, bands, etc.)  

On June 8th at 10:30am, I’ll be hosting a FREE Barre3 class at the North Scottsdale location for my AZ followers and give 23 people a chance to try it for themselves. I am super excited to be able to do this with you and giveaway one month unlimited to a follower in attendance. There will be 10 available slots for daycare as well ($5 a child). Excited to meet you and have you join me at a class!