Lash Extensions with Melt by Melissa

Feb 12, 2019

I’ve known Melissa Pruett for about 3 years now, and I can truly say she is the best of the best when it comes to brows, running a business, and an over all amazing human/friend. She has some of the sweetest women working with her at Melt, including Nina, one of my favorites… who also does my lash extensions. Since going to Nina last year, I’ve consistently received questions about the process and the maintenance behind it. Are they worth it? Are they a lot of maintenance to keep up? The short answer to both of those questions is yes.

For me, lashes make me feel put together even when I’m feeling at my worst. They make me look awake, when I’m feeling tired, and I love that extra boost of confidence while I often wear no makeup. It is also an extra step I don’t have to take (putting on false lashes or mascara) when I am having makeup professional done often. So to me, the maintenance to keep them up is well worth it. Only you can truly answer if its worth it to you. If you are able to keep it up, can afford the upkeep, and really want them.

I’ve gathered some questions that you often ask through Instagram and put together some information to hopefully give you a better idea if lashes are for you. Thank you to Melissa who helped give a more thorough answer to the technical questions.

Does it damage your natural lashes? Per Melissa, “When done properly, extensions should never ever damage your natural lashes. We naturally shed 2-5 lashes every single day so the extensions should simply shed off with the natural growth cycle. However, poorly applied with too much glue, gluing lashes together, too heavy of extensions, etc. can definitely damage your natural lashes. 

How often do you need a refill? I do a lash refill every 2-3 weeks, closer to 2 if my schedule permits. Doing refills more often, allows your lashes to not have any real changes and if you wait too long, you may have to do a longer appointment. 

Do they ever irritate your eyes? The lashes itself never irritate my eyes, but I sometimes get irritated after a really long appointment from the tape holding my lids open. Make sure you speak up if you aren’t comfortable in your positioning. 

How do you wash your face without rubbing your eyes? I think it will always feel weird for the first time changing a daily routine that you have, like the way you wash your face. Yet, now… it feels normal to me. You just learn to work around it and be gentle on your eyes. 

How do you maintain them? Per Melissa, “Keep up on your fills regularly to maintain healthy lashes that aren’t tangled and overgrown which strains the follicles. Brush them with your spoolie daily. Don’t wear mascara on them. Clean them with oil free makeup remover or baby shampoo to remove debris.” 

Can you wear eyeliner with them? Yes, I do. I just am very light with application and taking it off. 

What do you ask for when you get yours done? Per Melissa, “we ONLY do classic lash extensions which means individual extensions are adhered on a hair by hair basis. We do not put bundles of extensions on lashes.” 

Can you wet your eyes? Yes, but give your lashes about 24 hours after fill to not get them wet. If you do happen to get them wet, pat dry and do not rub. 

How much do they cost? At Melt by Melissa, your first set is $200 and fills every 2-3 weeks are $60. If you mention you found out about them from this post, they will give you a discount. 

How long are appointments? Your first appointment can be about 2- 2 ½ hours, regular appointments are about an hour long and mega fills (when your lashes need some extra attention) can be about an hour ½ to 2 hours. This is why you really want to keep a 2-3 week refill schedule. 

How long have you had them? I had eyelash extensions a few years ago and decided to give it a break when I had Vivienne. I just didn’t like all the maintenance appointments that went with it. Now, I just really love the look of them as I like to wear minimum makeup. I also have a more natural look this time around, which I love. This time around, I’ve had them since right before having Alice. 

Does it hurt when applying? No, it does not and should not hurt. 

Do your sleep habits change? They haven’t. 

Are they a hassle to keep up? I wouldn’t say they are a hassle to keep up. It’s just a lot of maintenance from keeping them nice to having them refilled every couple weeks. 

What kind of lashes do you have (material wise)? What brand is used? Per Melissa, “there are so many lash companies and brands out there. We use cashmere lashes made in Europe and we use Borboleta adhesives and premiers. 

Have you ever tried to grow lashes yourself? I have used latisse in the past but they got way TOO long and out of control… then broke off and looked terrible. I prefer extensions.

Did you have any issues with irritation from glue or the extensions? I didn’t personally, no. 

Best way to take off makeup? Per Melissa, “with oil free makeup remover to baby shampoo.” 

Do they check for allergy before? Per Melissa, “We can do a patch test by applying a few lashes to see if there is an allergy. However, some people won’t react until they have a full set of lashes on. If someone does react, we can remove them with a professional remover immediately and advise clients to use specific products to soothe the eyes quickly.” 

Do you wear mascara on them? No, I do not. 

Do they feel heavy at first? I think you may have a slight adjustment to how they feel but it goes away pretty quickly. They shouldn’t feel that heavy when done right. 

How to get them off when you don’t want to refill anymore? They will remove with a professional remover. 

Dangerous for bacteria? Per Melissa, “It’s important to keep your lashes free of bacteria and any sort of debris, makeup, products, etc. that can gunk up and build up overtime. It’s the same as being conscious to remove your makeup every single day. If you didn’t remove it, you could have a bacterial infection with or without extensions. It’s the same reason we wash our hair and brush our teeth on a regular basis. “

How to identify a good lash artist? Per Melissa, “I always recommend looking at a lot of portfolio photos via website or Instagram. You should vibe with their style of lash before and after’s.” 

What If I have blonde eyelashes? Per Melissa, “Your natural blonde lashes will not be seen with extensions on. Your entire lash line will appear darker and fuller with extensions the same with all lashes do with black mascara.” 

How are they put on? Per Melissa, “Individual lash extensions are applied onto the base of each individual natural lash. We use a tiny bit of glue to adhere them together at the base. So basically, the lash extension is sitting on top of the natural lash.” 

Glasses get in the way? They don’t. If they are too long, they might. 

I hope this was helpful to those of you who are interested in lash extensions or just learning a little more about the process. I highly recommend Melt by Melissa if you are local to Arizona and looking for great lash artists. Feel free to let them know you heard about them through me, and they will give you a discount on your new set or first fill.

xoxo, Lola