Natural Makeup Tutorial with Citrine Beauty

December 10, 2018

This past Saturday, I posted a simple makeup tutorial on Instagram Stories. I received multiple people asked if I could 1. post the tutorial to my blog in written form and 2. state which brushes I used throughout the process. 

So, here we go. 

I started out with cleansing and moisturizing my skin before applying makeup. I used the Honey Mud as a cleanser, and moisturized my skin with a combination of Blue Cocoon and Youth Dew and Jasmine Garden Spray. 

Feel free to follow along with the tutorial, that you can find in the Makeup highlights via Instagram. It’s really an easy tutorial and my go-to for a natural and bronzed look. 

Step 1: Fill in the brows using the same shape, just for a little darker color.  

Step 2: Take the darker shade of your circle/delete (I use circle/delete #2) and put it under your eyes and on any dark spots on your face, then follow with the lighter shade to help even skin tone and get rid of dark circles. Brush to use with it: Blending brush 

Step 3: Take your shadow, and put on top of your eye lid and underneath your water line. I use Allure, that I am currently in love with. A great basic. Brush to use with it: Eye shadow brush 

Step 4: Eye shadow pallet 

Step 5: Add liner under your water line. I use brown as it appears less dramatic and more natural with the look. You can also add some to your top lid. 

Step 6: Add the Fitglow foundation to your liking, adding more if you wanted more coverage. Brush to use: Teddy Foundation brush 

Step 7: Add the concealer to under your eyes. Brush to use: Blending brush

Step 8: Add the bronzer to your cheek and jaw line as well as your hair line. Brush to use: Contour brush 

Step 9: Add highlight to the tops of your cheek bones and tip of your nose. Brush to use: Fan brush 

Step 10: Add blush to the apples of your cheeks. Brush to use: Fan brush 

Step 11: Add clear eyebrow gel. 

Step 12: Line your lips with Spice liner and gloss on top. 

Step 13: Add mascara to bottom lashes (or all- I just personally do the bottom because I have eyelash extensions). 

Step 14: Set with Jasmine Garden Spray (a step I forgot to mention in my tutorial). 

xo Lola