Nursery and Master Bedroom Reveal with Lifestyled Co.

July 23, 2018

Last October, we worked with local design company, Lifestyled Co. to create the perfect playroom for Vivienne. I can’t tell you how much we are still so in love with this space and how often we spend our time here. I’m also pretty impressed with myself on the fact that I’ve helped maintain the original look and for the most part keep it looking fairly tidy (the type A person in me). If you aren’t sure what I am talking about or have once wondered where something was from in her playroom, see blog post here for details. Beware, it’s pretty adorable.

Lifestyled Co. is a full-service residential interiors and renovations design firm, focusing on Rustic Modern, Bohemian, New Traditional and Mid Century Modern looks. They design with a natural flair and balance inspired by deep textures and calming colors, highly influenced by the Arizona desert. They are available to assist in all aspects of a project from start to finish, including new builds, renovation of all sizes, and interiors of all kinds (specific rooms or multiple projects). Not only are these women incredibly talented and sweet (you must be OK with them saying DEATH in reference to amazingness on the regular) but they also have a seriously adorable shop called LCO Design Studio in downtown Gilbert that you NEED to visit… it will feed your every home décor and personal desire.

To give you a little backstory on our home, we have lived here now for a little over 5 years. Have already put so much work into what it is today and constantly feel like there is still more we can do. Sound familiar? Homes are a never-ending project. I know we will eventually move in a few years, but right now, we are really enjoying it and finally feeling proud to call it home. You can see what it used to look like here, when the walls were beige and the kitchen was brown… such a difference even paint can make. We’ve done a lot to it but mainly were focused for years on fixing with renovations than actually filling it with furniture. Today, I can say it is basically complete… and so happy to finally just LIVE thanks to Lifestyled Co.

How we got started:

This year, we asked Kristen and team to come back in our home and help us design two new spaces: Our Master Bedroom and Nursery #2.

Since I personally did Vivienne’s nursery, a lot of people were wondering why I decided to go with a design team this time around. There are a few reasons.

  1. How much we love the playroom and trust their design process
  2. If I were to do the second nursery, it would more than likely have the same if not identical look to Vivienne’s nursery and I really wanted to change things up a bit and give the girls two individual spaces to enjoy.
  3. I had so much more time during my first pregnancy with Vivienne to do her nursery. Mornings, evenings, weekends… all open. This time around, I have any-time before 6am and after 8pm on the weekdays and those times plus a 2-3 hour nap during the weekend. Then include everything else that needs to get done on top of that.
  4. The new nursery was replacing our guest bedroom and JJ’s office, so we had to find a new place for him to work. Our master was our only option and I really didn’t want to just throw something together (aka a random desk in the corner) and call it a day.
  5. I appreciate home décor and can do some elements to a home okay, but I tend to pick neutral colors and have a hard time styling. I really wanted a bedroom for us to love and enjoy just as much as the rest of the house.

Kristen asked for a Pinterest board to help gauge the style and inspiration of the rooms along with an estimated budget for design. I wanted a little moodier vibe in our room, to keep it gender neutral with pops of black and of course, a designated space for both JJ and I to work and get ready. The only thing I had set for the nursery was the crib at this time,  and it was going to be gold. You can’t get any more different than that. I told Kristen to just go for it and have fun with it.

A few weeks later, I received the designs to review, which included a custom desk and storage build out with Classy Closets and the plan for black painted walls in the nursery. There were a few items that I changed out (bedroom nightstands and nursery cactus curtains) but overall, the original designs are pretty spot on with the reveal as you’ll see below. It’s so cool to see how it goes from digital to reality, with reality being EVEN better with how they style and make it all come together. Classy Closets sent over their design for approval, which I didn’t change a thing, just added a lockable jewelry drawer and filing cabinet. I imagined JJ having a space to work, an area for me to get ready, and both of us having extra storage for our accessories and additional clothing. It was exactly what we needed to fill all voids in that space. We were thrilled when local family business, Compound Concrete wanted to participate in the project to hand make the desk countertop. If you’re local to Arizona, I highly recommend this couple. Not only to support a local small business, but the talent is unreal!

Next, I reviewed the sourcing list, sent in the deposit, and scheduled multiple dates for installs: date for painting, classy closets, compound concrete, and then finally Lifestyled Co. to design and stage.

The week of the install was a little crazy for us as not only were four home appointments made during this time, but we all (dogs included) had to be out of the house for them. Thank you to Hermosa Inn, The Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch, and Hotel Adeline for your hospitality and giving us a place to work and stay.

On Tuesday and Wednesday of install week, I had Ashley of O.C.D AZ come organize our master closet and accessories for us. This was a game changer and I feel essential in this entire “new bedroom” process. It forced me to get rid of unnecessary items, donate, and organize the space. Working with Ashley was one of the best decisions I had made and feel really made the room complete with a open clean closet. I highly recommend working with her.

OK, let’s REVEAL these rooms!!!

Master Bedroom 

Bed: West Elm
Bedding: Brooklinen
Ceiling Light: View Ceiling Fixture  
Black Bench: CB2
Throw: Houzz
Lamps: Target
Mirror: IKEA
Tux Marble Nightstand: CB2
Rug: Nuloom
Task-office chair: CB2
Artwork: Minted print 1 and print 2 
Build in Cabinetry: Classy Closets
Knobs for Cabinet:
Knobs for Cabinet:
Concrete Countertop: Compound Concrete
Roman Shade: The Shade Store


Crib: Babyletto
Rug: Nuloom
Lamps: Target
Curtains: IKEA Ritva
Black throw rug: IKEA
Crib Sheet: West Elm 
Artwork: Etsy
Table: Home Goods
Throw Blanket: Home Goods
Dresser: Capsule 
Ottoman Stool: CB2
Mirror: CB2
Glider: Nola Glider by Oilo Studio. Unfortunately, the glider we had for the room wasn’t available to deliver until August so we had to borrow Vivienne’s for photos. The one we chose is the Nola glider by Oilo Studio. Can’t wait to receive it.  If you have interest in this glider for your nursery, offering $50 off with code WHATLOLALIKES50.
Small white basket: CB2
Activity gym: Clover and Birch
Metal Rod: West Elm 
Curtain Rings: West Elm

As you know, I am so in love with how these two rooms came out and have been really enjoying the new spaces since the reveal. We are LOVING the setup that Classy Closets put together for us. Giving us both more storage, a place for JJ work to work, and a place for me to get ready in front of our big window (hello, amazing lighting). I am currently working on going through Vivienne’s clothes to fill baby #2’s closet and continuing to keep our master as tidy as it was here.

Would love to hear your feedback on these rooms. Are you as obsessed as me?

Photos by aMaes_photography
Design by Lifestyled Co.