Weekend Trip to Vancouver

June 19, 2018

“Every parent needs a little break from the chaos and a chance to refuel, see something new, or just enjoy time alone. That could mean a weekend trip away or even a few hours to do something you truly enjoy. We are parents now and our lives have definitely changed, but that doesn’t mean our lives are over. Remember to take the time for each other, yourself, and allow your spouse to do the same. Everyone will thank you.” This was the status I wrote in the airport on my way home from Vancouver this weekend. A much needed weekend away to allow some time for me to rejuvenate and excited to get home.

So, what were the plans and what did we do while visiting Vancouver?

Of course, you always plan for perfect weather. Which was having 2.5 solid days of touring the city and potentially driving outside for a half day. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it out of the city during this trip.

On Thursday evening, I got in from my 2.5 hour flight (slightly delayed) by 9-930pm to arrive at the hotel to put my bags down, say hello to LC, and head out to eat. I wasn’t going to let a late night arrival stop me from trying out one of your recommended meals. If you noticed from this trip, finding great food spots was high on my list of priorities. Call me a foodie, but I just love experiencing new food and fun ambiances. Plus, I was with a person who is completely fine with waiting in lines (JJ will not).

Dinner: Nightingale

Both mornings, I found myself sleeping in till about 8 or 9am, which hasn’t been done since before Vivienne was born. Trip bucket list, check! We spent most of Friday attempting to walk the city, with umbrellas and rain filling our shoes… ending this around 1-2pm because we were plane wet and miserable.  We decided it wasn’t worth continuing our journey in wet socks, so we headed back to the hotel for a cheese plate and got ready for dinner early. Dinner was absolutely amazing! Such innovative dishes and loved the décor.

Breakfast Location: Café Medina

Snack/Lunch Location: Reflections at Rosewood Georgia Hotel

Dinner Location: The Botanist

Saturday was a pure gift! No rain, only sunshine and beautiful skies all day long. It was the highlight of our trip, since we thought this entire weekend would be rain. We finally got to see those beautiful views everyone was talking about and explore the city by foot and bike without an umbrella over our heads.

Since expecting rain, we made arrangements to have massages at our hotel that morning, followed by lunch at the most amazing restaurant, Ask for Luigi, which was one of those hidden spots that was highly recommended to me. This restaurant did not disappoint. From the quaint ambiance to the delicious fresh pasta, I couldn’t speak more highly about it. A must when visiting Vancouver. Plus, it got us to walk through Gastown which was a cute little brick area with shops and restaurants. After a filling meal, we rented bikes for about 2 hours and rode around Stanley Park and down English Bay Beach. Such amazing views and the one thing I would recommend to anyone traveling in. That evening we had a sushi dinner at Minami Restaurant, which unfortunately was a little disappointing. Perhaps it was the small menu or lack of options for Pregnant me, but I expected a little better options/taste on the rolls.

Breakfast- Small café where we got croissants and coffee before massage

Lunch- Ask For Luigi

Dinner- Minami

On Sunday, our last day, we went to Granville Village Market. We almost skipped this as we were feeling on the lazier side and LC was leaving around 1230 for the airport. I am SO happy we didn’t. It was such a cool area to walk around and check out. I got Vivienne a handmade wooden boat for the bath with her name on it (Alden Bay Boats) and had the most delicious breakfast sandwich in the market. After LC left for the airport, I went to lunch at Chambar, which was another highly recommended place to check out. I think I ordered the wrong thing (this salmon eggs benedict on a waffle- aggressive, I know) but it wasn’t my favorite. I’m sure some of their egg dish options would have been a better decision. I was bummed to see that Jam Café next door was too crowded.

Breakfast- Granville Public Market

Lunch- Chambar

Although I didn’t to write a full post on this trip, it was too amazing not to. I would highly recommend visiting this amazing city if you ever get the chance. Thank you to JJ for this amazing gift and for holding down the fort while I was away.