June 14, 2018

Due Date: September 5th
How far along: 28 weeks! Beginning of the third trimester and going to appointments every 2 weeks now
Size of baby: 14.8 in & 2.2 lb, size of a large eggplant 
How many days to go: 84
Best moment of this week: Enjoyed a girls weekend away 
Miss anything: No
Movement: Yes, finally some good ones! 
Food cravings: No major cravings. Just eat whatever I want, when I want. I have found myself eating healthier this time around but still don’t weigh myself or worry about that. It’s my time to ENJOY. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing. I honestly don’t even feel pregnant other than this growing bump!
Have you started to show yet: Yes
Gender: GIRL
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy
Looking forward to: Next doctors appointment, upcoming trips, and having our rooms designed/finished.


Q/A of the week:

Do you think V understands she’s having a baby sister? I am not sure she quite understands what is going on as she thinks she is also growing a baby, but we are always talking about it.

Are you doing anything special to prepare? As of right now, we are reading big sister books, talking about baby, and pointing to my growing bump.

Did you experience nesting with V? Are you now? When did you? Definitely once the nursery is complete I felt more of the need to nest. I also went through and decluttered the cabinets. I am sure I will do the same thing with this one.

What will you pack for the hospital? The hospital is definitely more about the mom when it comes to things needed to pack as the hospital as everything for baby. I did a post about what I actually used at the hospital with Vivienne. Read post here.

How long did you wait before you had visitors after baby? Family came to the hospital and less than a handful of friends… which I was grateful about. We also had people come every couple days while first at home. Its important to take that time to bond and get settled in yourselves vs. cramming multiple people in to visit every day. It’s OK to say no.

What is the name of the parenting book you recommended? No Drama Discipline.

What are you most excited for? Growing our family and watching Vivienne become a big sister.

What are you most nervous about? Balancing everything and how Vivienne will react to not being the only child.

Any new products you’ve gotten to prepare for #2? I haven’t gotten anything new for #2 as I will more than likely go through what I already have from Vivienne and purchase what is needed based off that. I will reuse most items that I had for V.

How will you share your time with Vivienne and new baby? TBD ha! We will keep the nanny for making sure Vivienne gets attention in the mornings before her afternoon nap and then JJ and I will tackle them both in the afternoon.

Do you drink caffeine while pregnant? I do. I have a cup of coffee in the morning.

I know you aren’t revealing the name, but can you reveal if there is a name theme? Was it harder, easier, or the same difficult level as picking V’s name out? Did you have back up names with V that you eventually picked for baby #2? I love V’s middle name. Are you planning to use a male name for baby #2 as well? Ha, I love how everyone wants some sort of hint. 1. Since I chose Vivienne’s name, JJ was in control of baby #2. Of course, we both had to agree to the name but I wanted to also make him feel like he was making big decisions. Baby #2’s middle name will also be a male name. The name we used was on our name list for Vivienne, although we knew it was Vivienne when we found out she was a girl so it wasn’t like we were choosing between names. It was just a name on the list that we liked. It is not another V name. OK, that’s enough hints 🙂

Did you ever struggle with wondering if you wanted kids or not? Or if you were fearful that you would lose yourself or your relationship? JJ and I def entertained the idea of not having children a year or so before we started to try for V. I think the satisfaction of traveling or doing whatever you want all the time is desirable and a normal feeling to have. In the end, we knew we wanted to be parents. Can you even imagine if Vivienne wasn’t here? I can’t imagine. I think its ok to have these feelings and speak about them, you’re not a bad person. Some people should not have children. So, its ok if you in the end decide not to. I wasn’t fearful that I would lose myself or my relationship, we have been through a lot and this phase has brought us so much closer as a couple and as individuals. I think everyones journey in this world is different, but you can also make or break how you react in any life situation. If you weren’t planning to be a parent and are… it was meant to be. You are meant to be the parent to that child… so be the best parent you can be and make changes to do so.

There were a lot of questions asked that I had already answered in previous Q&As, feel free to circle back to previous posts to see if I had already answered your question.