My Skincare Routine

June 28, 2018

I recently shared a blog post about how I maintain a makeup free look with routine facials, eyelash extensions, great skincare and etc. If you missed the post, feel free to check it out here. I kept it brief with a list of items I use as I knew I wanted to share the products in more detail in a separate post.

If you haven’t guessed it already, skincare is my favorite investment. Years ago, I probably would have opted for a more expensive foundation than a moisturizer. But since then, that’s all changed. I’ve learned that you can’t hide bad skin no matter how much foundation you use, so it’s better to start underneath first. Plus, I’ve learned to really love and appreciate a bare face so to me, skincare is essential.

I have a few different cleansers and masks that I use in during certain times of the week based off the texture and state of my skin. Sometimes you need a little extra detox and exfoliation one day, and hydration the next. So, I have options in my bathroom. Of course, I’m not recommending you break the bank and MUST HAVE 5 different options, you can best determine what you need day to day with your skin type.

Cleanse your skin every day, twice a day. *Never go to bed with makeup on or your contacts in (just a little word of wisdom to the young folks)!!

May Lindstrom Honey Mud- A cleanser you can use in the morning when your skin needs an added boost of moisture or feel free to use as a mask whenever you’d like. Literally, you could use this mask all day long for as long as you’d like. It’s heaven!

May Lindstrom Pendulum Potion- Use this cleanser when you’re having active breakouts, traveling in a more humid environment, or don’t have a ton of makeup to remove.

Osmia Black Clay Soap- Same reasons as above, Osmia Black Clay Soap is your more affordable cleanser of the two and lasts a very long time.

Patyka 2-Step- This can be used as an everyday cleanser, but essential for when you need to remove makeup. Great for decongesting the skin and restoring a glow.

As stated above, you can use the honey mud as a mask daily, all day long if you wish. You can also use it the same day you exfoliate, etc. As far as the other two, I typically mask at least once a week, if not twice a week if I have the extra time. Do not exfoliate your skin the same day you mask for you may receive a reaction from too much product.

May Lindstrom Honey Mud- This product can be used as a cleanser as well as a mask when your skin needs an added boost of moisture. You can use it anytime of the day, for as long as you’d like.

May Lindstrom Problem Solver- If breakout prone, this is a great mask to use once a week to help detox your skin, all the while leaving your skin baby soft. This mask is great for all skin types.

Tata Harper Clarifying Mask – This mask takes away any redness or irritation in the skin, as well as helps break up any blemish prone skin. If you are very sensitive, reactive, or have skin issues like rosacea then you should use this mask.

My typical skincare routine:
Cleanser (daily, twice a day)
Exfoliator (twice- three times a week, but never the same day as I mask)
Toner (daily, twice a day)
Blue Cocoon
Roller (keep in freezer, use when I remember)
Suntegrity Tinted Moisturizer

Tata Harper Concentrated Brightening Essence.

OK, this is a more expensive item and the only reason I am using it now is because I had major breakouts during my first trimester and I am trying to brighten my skin and get rid of scarring. Clean Dirt can also help with eliminating scarring. If you are looking for a less expensive option: check out the Smoothing Revitalizing Toner by Patyka or May Lindstrom Jasmine Garden.  

May Lindstrom Clean Dirt.

A mix of Kypris Antioxidant Dew and May Lindstrom Youth Dew.

Other products:
May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon- Any type of reactive redness in your skin, this helps soothe and gives you a seriously smooth and hydrated finish. You can use this day and night, on damp skin.

Skin Gym Face Roller– There are so many great benefits of rolling your skin:

  1. Stimulates blood circulation
  2. Contours the facial muscles
  3. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  4. Improves elasticity
  5. Reduces puffiness around the eyes
  6. Brightens dark circles
  7. Evens skin tone
  8. Tightens pores

Suntegrity Tined Sunscreen- I use a tinted sunscreen with moisturizer from Suntegrity and have been absolutely loving it. It’s light with a little tint for days that I don’t want to wear any foundation.

Use code LOLA at for 10% off your order. Unfortunately, Kypris and May Lindstrom products can not be used for this code. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Photos by aMaes Photography