Jun 27, 2018

Due Date: September 5th
How far along: 30 weeks! 
Size of baby: 15.7 in & 2.9 lb, size of a cabbage 
How many days to go: 70
Best moment of this week: VIVIENNE! She has been changing so much every day this week, talking so much, and can really tell in a developmental leap. It’s so fun to watch. 
Miss anything: Raw fish
Movement: Yes!
Food cravings: I think I am just in a routine of craving the pizzas and pastas of the world, I don’t necessarily have any major craving as I did last pregnancy. I do eat salad, but I also eat ice cream every day. Balance? 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing.
Have you started to show yet: Yes
Gender: GIRL
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy, slightly anxious that my due date is getting closer and closer 
Looking forward to: Maternity shoot this weekend


Q/A of the week:

How will you entertain V and make her not feel ignored when baby #2 comes? Also, for people who do not have the option of hiring help. We will keep our nanny as she will be helping us entertain Vivienne before nap time as well as hold the baby if Vivienne needs my attention. I won’t sit here and act like I have it figured out or that it’ll be easy, we will all be learning for the first time, but I plan to include Vivienne in everything so she doesn’t feel left out. If she needs my attention, JJ or nanny will have to step in. If I have no one, I’ll handle it with trying to be as present and calm as possible.

How is it being pregnant with a toddler? Are you extra tired? Do you let V watch TV? At this stage, I haven’t had many issues with being pregnant with a toddler. Of course, it can be harder to pick her up sometimes or jump around with her at the gym, but I still feel in decent shape to do it all. I am not really extra tired right now. I am sure it will come back the closer to the end that I get. Vivienne does watch TV. We use it during. few situations: 1. About  20 minutes in the morning when I am getting myself together for work, and the nanny isn’t there yet, and have to get myself together and dishes done. We also give it to her when we don’t want her to fall asleep in the car, moments of desperation at restaurants, and some random times that we lounge as a family. She still prefers watching shows/movies with music.

Did you have any headaches/migraines during pregnancy? I didn’t.

What made you stop at 2 kids? We always said we wanted 3 kids, then we had Vivienne and we joked to keep it to 1. Honestly, its amazing and the hardest job in the world all in one. We decided we wanted to have two kids because this is what we feel we can handle and still be good parents. We want so much for ourselves, our children, and our future. Going to be doing a larger post on this and JJ’s thoughts on not having a boy.

How have your pregnancies changed? I’ve answered this one a few times. It really has been very similar in the sense of feeling like an easy pregnancy. I wasn’t very sick but did have bad hormonal acne during both. This time around, it subsided a lot earlier than when I was pregnant with Vivienne. Couldn’t be more grateful for that. Makes such a difference in my happiness.

Are you going to do a baby shower or sprinkle? Are you registering? Not doing a traditional shower/sprinkle but trying to plan something to at least celebrate this baby. I will not be registering. I am going to use what I had from Vivienne and purchase whatever items are needed.

Are you nervous for colic or a baby that’s more difficult than V? I think thats a definite yes to this question. I mean, who wouldn’t be nervous for a colic or difficult baby? I am hopeful that we will have a baby like Vivienne, but who knows.

Will you be trying to a boy? We won’t be. Imagine if we had another girl (I’d be all about it) but then what? Keep trying? We are staying at the number we feel confident about.

Do you have any sleep training tips that you are going to implement on the new baby? Will be implementing the same sleep training tips that we learned from Taking Cara Babies class at Modern Milk. Highly recommend checking out her class if you haven’t. If you aren’t local to Arizona, she has an online course.

What are you going to pack this time around in your hospital bag? Nothing. Kidding, but honestly… probably just a few different size options for baby as far as clothing and then toiletries and clothing for myself and JJ. They have everything you need at the hospital for baby. So much is not needed.

How long were you able to breastfeed V and do you have any expectations for #2? I breastfed her for a few weeks before starting to pump because I went back to work at 6 weeks. She had breastmilk up until about 11-11.5 months. I assume it’ll be similar this time around, but can’t give expectations until we go through with it.

Will you have her in her room or in your room as a newborn? We had Vivienne in our room for 4 months in a bassinet. Never did c0-sleeping. I would do the same, if not move her in her room a little earlier this time.

Do you have to wear liners in your underwear? I know a lot of you are probably like, why did this person even ask this question!? Too personal! Eeeeh, honestly… nothing is really off limits to me and if I don’t feel like answering something, I won’t. I just feel its important to let each other know of what to expect when you’re expecting… the shit no one tells you! Sooo… blog post coming soon! But to answer it, ohhh hormones are the worst in this department and its probably my least favorite part about being pregnant.

Keep the questions coming every week!