Taking Care of Mom

May 18, 2018

Thank you Evereve Official for sponsoring this post. 

The past year and a half has been quite the rollercoaster. From the hormones, newborn stage, to attempting to juggle so many things to keep it together and do it all; I’ve learned so much. Yet, one of the biggest things I’ve learned is the importance of taking care of myself.

I remember when Vivienne was born, I lost so much drive and desire to do anything other than just being available to her. It’s a crazy feeling that takes over you. I just wanted to protect, hide, and be a great mom. I even entertained the idea of deleting the blog and social media all together. I didn’t need it, I thought. Of course, as time passed, so did these thoughts and feelings. Completely normal to the incredibly hormonal new mom.

What helped get me back to feeling more like myself, was the effort I took to take care of myself. This meant even small gestures like making a hair appointment, going to dinner with a girlfriend, or the big step: the first night away. It’s important and the mom guilt gets a little easier every time you do it. I’ve learned the more you do for yourself, the better parent you become.

If you are currently in this stage, lost and not knowing if you’ll ever get to the grocery store alone or have friends again, I just want to let you know that you will… you just need some support (partner, friends, family, babysitter options) and the will to do it! You got this!

The outfits below are from an amazing kid-friendly store, Evereve. I personally love this company because not only do they carry great brands, but they have trained stylists working on staff in stores to help moms who need help with Fashion. Maybe they have taken a back seat to style, are feeling out of place with body changes, or simply want to look and feel fabulous. Evereve is not just an online store, but they have 85 locations across the country, find the location nearest you here. Perhaps this is your first step to getting out the door (with kids or not) and get that confident you back!

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Wearing JumpsuitBralette, Black Mule, Clutch

Photos by aMaes_Photography
Makeup by Dalen Rocha