Apr 27, 2018

Due Date: September 5th
How far along: 21 weeks! Half way there!
Size of baby: 10.5in & 127 oz., size of a Pomegranate 
How many days to go: 132
Best moment of this week: Got some one on one time with Vivienne this weekend as well as me time during the week by getting hair done and facial. 
Miss anything: Nope
Movement: Yes 
Food cravings: Just eating whatever I want, when I want. I have found myself eating healthier but still don’t weigh myself or worry about that.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing.
Have you started to show yet: Yes
Gender: GIRL
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!! 
Looking forward to: Friends wedding this weekend

This was as good as I got with Vivienne yesterday. She was not in the picture mood.

This weeks Q/A:

How do you manage weight gain during pregnancy? I am craving carbs all the time and feeling guilty that I’m being unhealthy for my little man. Honestly, my motto has always been to give your body what its asking for. If it’s carbs, then eat carbs… especially during the first trimester. My cravings for carbs weren’t as strong this time as they were with Vivienne but I still highly enjoy choosing them 😉 I don’t weigh myself.

Are you sensitive or emotional? During the first trimester, yes. Oh, yes! Hormones are the worst. You can’t explain it and sometimes you are in a mood for no reason. Yet, I no longer have those feelings since being in the second trimester and I am so much happier. I think it was a combo of skin issue stress and hormones. Not ideal.

How are you sleeping? Sleeping pretty well. I wake up from time to time but overall, okay.

What are your thoughts on birth plans? Did you have one with V and will you have one with this one? My birth plan with Vivienne was only that I wanted to have an epidural, which I got right when I could. I would probably do the same thing this go around as it was comfortable and a fairly easy delivery. I suggest knowing what you want, but being okay with changes. Theres nothing worse than wanting something so bad and then being disappointed in the end.

Any tips on raising a girl? Ha, not yet! Ask me this in a couple of years. Honestly, Vivienne is the sweetest girl…. needy at times, but a really great girl. I am all about education and learning, so I am constantly trying to teach and learning something new myself all the time.

Ankles/feet swelling? No

A pregnancy tip? Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone experiences pregnancy different. Embrace your journey.

Since you will have two girls, would you try again for a boy? Whether it was another girl or boy, we are finished and happy with two healthy children. JJ is so in love with Vivienne and can’t wait to have another girl.

Do you have any names? We def have some we love, but aren’t planning to share.

How do you manage everything while being pregnant and a mom? A great partner and support system. It really does take a village, and you have to be willing and receptive to help.

How do you deal with hate on certain things you do like dying your hair or wearing heels pregnant? Like a lot of things in pregnancy, talk to your doctor about these things. Mine is very relaxed and supports still being human. I use semi perm color, foils, and do not bleach my scalp. Everything is controversial. You can’t win.

Have you gained a lot of weight? I feel bigger and def started to show earlier than I did with V, but weight isn’t an issue. I gradually gain it throughout my pregnancies.

What are you most excited to do with both girls when the new baby is older? Show them the world outside of our own, go to Disney, American girl dolls, introduce them to movies I loved growing up.
Do you plan to breastfeed with this baby as long as you did with V? I won’t know until she comes to be honest. I hustled to have enough breastmilk for Vivienne for the first year, it was tough, but I can’t say that I wouldn’t do the same again. I’m just going with the flow. I’d love to be able to do it for at least 6-8 months, max probably a year again.

Feel free to continue to send questions for next week.