The First Trimester: Pregnancy #2

March 14, 2018

So, you’ve read all about how we got pregnant… from the planning, timeframe we were trying, to how we personally found out about the news. It’s been an exciting yet surreal couple of months, and a lot has to do with how I’ve been feeling. If you have yet to read the post, feel free to check it out here. Now, today I am sharing all about the first trimester.

A short backstory on how my pregnancy was with Vivienne for those of you that are new. I felt great… other than during the first trimester. From the week I found out, my body completely rejected the urge to eat anything healthy. The smell of onions made me gag, I always felt HANGRY and the immediate need to eat something, and of course… carbs were my very best friend. The urges subsided by the second trimester and I felt a lot better with eating healthy options, but truthfully… I mainly craved grilled cheese and pizza. All in all, I was lucky enough to say that I never felt sick when it came to being pregnant. No headaches, no heartburn, no vomiting. Thank you, lord. The one major change and reaction that I did have was with my skin.

After having Vivienne, I worked hard to get my skin back on track. I continued my routine of getting facials every 4 weeks (go me) and incorporated microneedling every 6 weeks (5-6 treatments) to get rid of the scarring and help produce collagen. I loved it. I was scar and blemish free… finally had my GLOWING moment and then … fast forward to a year 2 months later…. I’m PREGNANT again (happily of course).

This pregnancy hasn’t been too much different than the first. My skin unfortunately reacted right away due to the hormone change and I instantly felt defeated. There is nothing you can do about hormone acne and it made me feel so awful. Part was due to the fact that it was my face and the other was because I couldn’t explain to my followers why I was hiding or having such bad reactions. By hiding, I wouldn’t give it away (although I already felt like I was with my lack of wine in hand, am I right?)

Week 5 and 6 gave me a couple days of nausea, and I had tough weeks of feeling very very hormonal. Moody Judy at its finest. I was irritable, moody, and cried for no apparent reason. Not to mention this was around the time we were starting to film for Total Bellas. Not ideal. Lucky for me, this didn’t last long. Once the second trimester came along, I’ve never felt better. I still do not have many symptoms of being pregnant so I am anxiously waiting to feel those kicks!

Speaking of kicks… holy bump! Everyone warns you that your bump pops a lot sooner in your second pregnancy, but wow! I couldn’t believe how quickly I started and continue to get bigger. I keep questioning if its the baby or all my carbs catching up to me. Eh, whatever.

I know every pregnancy is different, but I’ve come to the conclusion based off of my two first trimester experiences that ¬†symptoms for me means carbs and bad skin. I guess I’ll take it over being in bed all day ill.

First bump pic together

I’d love to hear from you guys on what you’ve gone through during your first trimester. I love how everyone is so different. Did you have any immediate cravings or aversions? Sick or not so bad?