Introducing Natural Spring Water: AQUA Carpatica

November 1, 2017

Two months ago, I was introduced to AQUA Carpatica, a natural spring and sparkling mineral water that comes from the springs deep within the Carpathian Mountains. I know what you’re thinking… water… it all tastes the same! Right? Wrong!! The taste of AQUA Carpatica is like no other; it is clean, smooth, and has zero aftertaste. I’m seriously hooked.

So, let me tell you a little background about this amazing water.

Founded in 2006, AQUA Carpatica was first launched in 2011 in Romania and soon after became the number 1 selling natural spring water. It wasn’t until 2016 (last year) that the product was launched in the U.S. showcasing their BPA-free and 100% recyclable bottles, and it is the only brand to bring nitrate-free naturally sparkling mineral water to U.S. consumers.  Both varieties of sparkling and natural water are nitrate and sodium-free due to millions of years of volcanic activity that have filtered out impurities. The water is purified by nature and its springs that provide the foundation for AQUA Carpatica that has been preserved since the beginning of time. Sounds pretty magical, doesn’t it? The best part? Because of its low mineral content, it is most suitable for newborns, young children, and expectant mothers.

Based off the above facts and its amazing taste, AQUA Carpatica has become my go-to water for everyday hydration. Whether I’m hiking a mountain, running errands, or giving sips to Vivienne, I always have one with me! So good!

Care to try it for yourself? Available for purchase at and in retailers across U.S.

Top image by aMaes_Photography