Vow Renewal | Total Bellas

October 19, 2017

Today, I am sharing some behind the scenes moments from our vow renewal ceremony from this weeks episode of Total Bellas. It was such a special evening and we couldn’t have felt more blessed to be able to share it with our nearby family –and of course the rest of the world now. Although it may seem early to do a vow renewal, 6 years in, it was important for us and our relationship to express a fresh start in our marriage.

For those of you reading this that are currently experiencing a bump in your marriage, I hope us sharing our experience has helped you in some way… whether that be gain perspective, not feel alone in your struggles, or make a step toward change. No matter what stage you are in or how long you have been married, it will always be work… don’t ever be afraid to work.

Thank you to Jennica of aMaes Photography for coming with us and beautifully capturing this intimate occasion. I will forever cherish these photos.

Part of my vows 
I love thinking back on everything we have been through. We met at such a young age, ultimately grew up together, and have become the people we are today because of it. Still best friends standing in front of each other, expressing our love and accepting our faults. This is our chance for a fresh start. Typically, couples wait 20 years before they renew their vows, but we are here doing it today, 6 years in. It shows it doesn’t matter the time, but that we are vowing to stand together and not give up. We are beating the 50%.

You have been and always will be my absolute favorite person. I still see that same man that I saw the first day I met you, knowing you were the one from the very start. I love when you are so passionate about something, even when it makes you angry, how you stand up for me, and of course never fail to make me laugh. Above all, I’ve loved watching you become a papa to V. The way she looks at you is truly the best feeling in the world. It makes me fall in love with you all over again.

Today I vow to never be afraid to work on our relationship, to get better at squeezing the toothpaste container, to continue creating random songs with you, to try and watch sports, and acknowledge when you do something right instead of always wrong. I vow to be your wife, best friend, and the best mother to your daughter. I love you then, today, and always.

Thank you to Cloth and Flame for providing the most delicious food and setup for our vow renewal.

Dress by CMEO Collective

Photos by aMaes_Photography
Makeup by Stephanie of SN Makeup Artist
Hair by Jenna Alisoglu