Vivienne turns ONE

Oct 20, 2017

During this time last year, our bags were packed and we had plans to strip my membranes for the second time (TMI). We went to see Dr. Deka that morning with high hopes that I was going into labor. She sent me to the hospital to have my fluids checked and sure enough… I was not. The wait continued. You can read more about my birth story here, but in short, we decided to get induced and have Dr. Deka manually break my water. 7 hours later… Vivienne was in my arms. Our entire world changed.

Now, I am sitting here trying to come up with words to describe how I feel about Vivienne turning one. I am just as emotional as I was bringing her home for the first time. Not because I was scared or hormonal, but because I couldn’t be more grateful to be her mom. The love is indescribable and I truly feel lucky. I won’t sit here and overwhelm you with sappy commentary or milestone achievements (because I could) but just simply say thank you to Vivienne. I have never wanted to work harder, love more, and be the best version of myself for you to look up to. I can’t wait to continue to watch you grow and share our journey together.

Happy 1st Birthday, my love.

Photos by aMaes_Photography

Wearing Laura Egloff Clothing 
Vivienne wearing Velveteen Clothing
JJ wearing Fine Line Custom Attire