Morning stroll with MiaMily HIPSTER PLUS

September 20, 2017

As of last week, the morning weather in Arizona has finally dropped to 70 degrees. To us living in the desert, this is a BIG deal. During the summer months (May through September), you can’t escape the hot weather no matter when the time of day. So you can only imagine the number of people who are already taking out their sweaters and scarves from the archives and running to their nearby patio spot. We can be a bit dramatic. For me, the new mama, my highlight of the cooler day is being able to take Vivienne out of the house without feeling like I am torturing her in the heat. 115 degrees is no joke.

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you may remember the morning walks we took daily in our carrier. Just me, my girl, fresh air, an umbrella, and some good oldies to start our mornings. Well, thanks to the cooler weather… they have once again begun and I have an even better carrier to scream from the roof tops about because it’s made all the difference in us enjoying these walks.

The Miamily-3D baby carrier, a Swiss brand, is comfortable, practical, and the next big thing for baby wearing. Designed to keep your baby close, the MiaMily Hipster Plus gives you up to 9 different ways to carry your baby as well as designed with a sturdy 3D hip seat, taking the weight off of the mamas back and shoulders and being able to use it for longer periods of time. The seat is also helpful for preventing hip dysplasia with healthy ‘M’ positioning recommended by pediatricians. This carrier was a huge game changer for us!

Of course you can also wear the baby on the back… we just personally are not there yet (or haven’t actually worn her that way yet)

Need more of a handsfree option? When you use the single shoulder top, you have one strap over one shoulder and your HIPSTER™ PLUS is transformed into a ring sling, allowing you to carry your baby on your side and be handsfree. The carrier is perfect for ages newborn to 3 years (or 44 lbs).

I do love a good company that also gives back. MiaMily donates a % of their profits to select orphanages so they can source baby formula or baby necessities that are lacking from vendors near them. Gah! Is there any more of a reason to love and support this brand? Carriers can be purchased at BuyBuy Baby and Babies “R” Us!

Photos by Amaes_Photography