Mama needs an update: part II

September 25, 2017

Last month, JJ and I borrowed an X1 from BMW Chapman to test out for the weekend. See my thoughts on the car here. Not to spoil the post if you haven’t already read it… but in conclusion, we decided that if we were going to upgrade, then we should probably upgrade to an even larger size! It only meant the most sense with our growing (future) family.

Therefore, we spent another weekend testing out another SUV… the X5.

When I initially got into the car, I thought, wow this feels big. I always feel this way when driving around in an SUV as I am so used to driving lower to the ground in a car. Then after a few minutes of driving, I felt comfortable and secure in my new ride. By the end of the weekend, I was sad to say goodbye. I loved having the cameras to help me park, the speedometer on the windshield for an easy view of my speed, and a button to automatically close the trunk. More than anything, it is how secure I feel being up high and the room we would have for traveling. JJ also fits better in the passenger seat with the car seat behind him in the X5, so husband has approved!

We are soo excited that we found an SUV that we love and can not wait to sit down with BMW Chapman and talk about the official upgrade! I highly suggest testing out your next car before making the decision to purchase/lease your next ride. I would have never thought to go bigger then the x1 but truly love this one even more. On a side note, I am also super obsessed with Aqua Carpatica lately. I can’t wait to share more with you about nature’s most perfect water. Stay tuned!

Photos by @aMaes_Photography