Post Baby Bod

April 4, 2017

Dear fellow mamas,

I want to praise and applaud the women who can get themselves out of the house and make the time to exercise. I want to relate to the women who have had a more difficult time doing so. Ladies, I feel you! It’s hard. How do we find the time? The energy? The want? I never thought I would say this … but I’ve become one of those people that can’t seem to get back into a routine of being healthy and working out. I’ve hiked once, ran maybe a handful of times, but have yet to step foot into a gym post baby. The worst part? I also haven’t changed my diet. Pizza? Gimme all the pizza. Two nights in a row. Therefore, I believe 1. My high metabolism come into play, and 2. Rumors of mamas breastfeeding their babies to lose the extra pregnancy pounds has to be true. I know some women hate this statement, but I can’t seem to grasp any other concept. Regardless, I have a goal this month. To allow myself more personal time to take care of myself and re-create a healthy routine with exercise and food. Meal prepping, healthy grocery hauls, and of course making time to exercise (whether that be at home or on a mountain). It’s not going to be easy as I am 100% human and truthfully would rather spend my down time with my family then at a gym, but I am going to try.

So, what better way to kick start my goals and get motivated to work out then a new outfit? Bandier has collaborated with The Hatch Maternity on an exclusive collection, bringing you sets to wear from pregnancy through postpartum. I’m obsessed with how comfortable and non-maternity these pieces look and they are currently on sale! See below for details.



Photos by Amaes Photography