Finding Balance in this New Life

Dec 16, 2016

I was recently asked to share a blog post about how I am able to manage everything going on in my life right now. The truth is… I’m not. Like most moms with full-time jobs and extracurricular activities, you’re more than likely going to neglect a few things in the mix. Take now for instance. I am writing a blog post an hour before my friend is supposed to show up, in sweatpants, while Vivienne is taking a short nap. I am grateful for Whitney bringing me dinner tonight so I won’t have to cook (although JJ has been doing the majority of that now a days), and I managed to add a little makeup to my face before going on a 20 minute stroll with V this afternoon. That was my workout of the day and I’m proud it happened.

For those of you that may not know; along with keeping up with social media and this blog on a regular basis, I work full-time as an Executive Assistant in Scottsdale. I only had 6 weeks of maternity leave, yet I have an amazing boss who is letting me work mornings from home while Vivienne is still young. JJ and Kathy, my mother-in-law watch her in the afternoon, which I couldn’t be more grateful for. The current system we have going on right now is completely ideal for us. For now.

As a type A person myself… I understand that you may want to see some sort of a “schedule” for during the week. It’s not set in stone, as a lot of these times depend on when she initially wakes up for the day. Also add pumping in the morning, evening, and while at work… which should be considered a full time job. Ha!

7am: Vivienne wakes up to feed

7am-8am: Awake time (tummy time, books, singing, etc).

8am-10am: Vivienne naps (I go for a run, shower, clean the house, start work)

10am: Vivienne wakes up to feed

10am-11am: Awake time, put Vivienne in car to grandmas

11:30am: Drop V off at grandmas

1pm-5pm: Work

5:30pm: Home. Cluster feed, family time

7pm: Bath time, feed, bed for Vivienne

8pm: Lounge with JJ, blog, whatever else

So, has it been difficult going back to work?  Managing  emails and a large work load in the mornings has its obvious challenges when V doesn’t feel like napping, but the majority of the time she’s really easy. Of course, I always miss Vivienne when I’m not with her but I do like getting in the office in the afternoon to focus on work and have a short break from mom life as we all should admit we need at times. I spend my mornings like anyone else, having coffee, watching the news (or Shark Tank) and running around the house getting chores done while V naps. I wish I could be the person to leave the dish in the sink. I’m not that person. I’m typically left last on the list, although I ALWAYS manage to brush my teeth and do at least a body shower every day. I was able to go for a run three times this week, which is a huge success in my eyes. So, as you can see… it’s definitely not easy and this post will more than likely not be edited to its full potential, but it’s going up! 😉

I’ve been really trying to continue to blog when I can, when I shoot a new outfit, or in all honesty, when I have something to say. Blogging may be the hardest thing to keep up with as it takes time, dedication, and inspiration to do so. I’m a in work in progress friends! I appreciate you reaching out and asking me to write about something specific. It gets the brain moving. I am grateful for the simple platform that Instagram provides, allowing me to add a simple photo from the day to keep you updated and stay connected.

My friendships have always been really important to me and I apologize to all my girlfriends in the Valley for not taking the time to get together as much as I’d like to. I’ve really made Vivienne a priority with making sure she is going to bed on time and being there for her if she doesn’t want to accept the bottle from JJ. Since being cleared for exercise the other week and knowing I need to take time for myself,  I am looking forward to getting back into hiking with Brianna and setting up wine nights at Postinos.

So, basically what I am trying to say is …. I am trying to make it all work. As of right now, my family and work takes precedence over everything else, but I’m acknowledging that there needs to be more of a balance for doing things for myself as well.  Baby steps. Pun intended.

I hope this post wasn’t too all over the place, and that I kind of answered the question. I’ll check back in on this in a couple of months, to see if anything has changed and if I’ve been able to “manage” things better.

Wearing Zara jumpsuit, Vintage purse

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