Maternity Style in the Work Place

October 3, 2016








Wearing Z Supply tee, Soon Maternity Jeans, Urban Outfitters Blazer (old), Banana Republic heels (old).

Hey friends! We are stepping into a new work week so today I am bringing you a maternity style that is comfortable, casual, and chic for the office. I don’t know about you, but my office dress attire is business casual to casual. We are a small office, so its not overly corporate and strict. I love this, because I can be as dressy or relaxed as I am feeling that day. You’ll typically find me in a simple maternity dress, hair up, and with no makeup… but today, I actually put myself together.

Most people dread the end of a weekend and a Monday morning. As a pregnant woman, I get excited to wake up to a new week. This means, I am one week closer to meeting my daughter. Tomorrow, I’ll be 37 weeks pregnant and FULL TERM! I get a little emotional thinking about what that really means and how grateful I am to have made it this far. This week, we finish our Preparing for Childbirth classes, meet our last pediatrician, start our weekly doctor’s appointments, and pack a bag for the hospital! I’ll be sharing what I plan to bring soon to the blog, mama and baby edition.

I hope everyone has a great work week!

Photography by aMaes Photography (@aMaes_photography)

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