October 11, 2016

This week, I am feeling more than ready to be done being pregnant. Sleep is getting more and more difficult, my back is starting to ache, and I am feeling just plain exhausted! Anyone else take a turn for feeling DONE with their pregnancy?

This morning, I had a doctors appointment to see if there has been any progression since our appointment last week. Unfortunately, still only just 1 cm dilated … my doctor thinks she will come a week early (being next week). I’m not quite holding my breath on that prediction though as we all know its all going to be on her own time. I’m ready for our girl!


Due Date: October 25th

How far along: 38 weeks!

Size of baby: 19.6 inches and 6.8lb., current status is the size of a leek

How many days to go: 14

Total weight gain: 23 pounds

Maternity clothes: Basically circulating a bunch of comfortable dresses. Favorite maternity brands will be up on the blog soon!

Stretch marks: None. Citrine Beauty Bar gifted me with the Tata Harper Redefining Body Balm and it is amazing!

Sleep: Terrible. Constantly cramping in my legs, flipping, hot, can’t get comfortable.

Best moment of this week: Just enjoying the last few weeks we have as a party of two.

Miss anything: Exercise

Movement: She’s constantly moving around.

Food cravings: Ice cream

Anything making you queasy or sick: No

Have you started to show yet: The bump is in full force

Gender: GIRL!!!

Labor signs: None

Belly button in or out: Pretty much always out

Wedding rings on or off: Unfortunately, off. This pregnancy has made me have a terrible reaction to my wedding rings.

Happy or moody most of the time: SO happy!

Looking forward to: Having the house cleaned, a few events this week, and my last hair appointment on Saturday. Please let me get there! haha

Be Kind,