Goodbye Dealerships and Hello Vroom

August 19, 2016

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I was recently talking with a friend who is in the process of purchasing a car. She stated a strong desire for a simple and easy trip to the dealership… “in and out,” she said. Ya, right. I’d love to meet someone who has ever had a quick and easy trip to the car dealership. In my experience, it’s at least 4 hours long. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be nice to find a less time consuming way to purchasing a car?  What if it was as easy as ordering a pizza online? Mmm… pizza.

Oddly enough, a couple weeks later I received an introductory email to the company, Vroom. With Vroom, you can now buy and sell a car from the comfort of your own couch… or coffee shop. Goodbye dreadful trips to the dealership and hello convenience to car buying!  I am personally not in the market for a new car, and my friend missed the boat, but that doesn’t mean you have to! So, how does it all work?

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Lucky for you, Vroom has already filtered through millions of cars from around the country to give you confidence that you are picking from the best. More than 80% of the cars are less than 3 years old and have ASE-certified mechanics ensure that each car meets their high quality standards. Once you choose your dream car, you finance right on site (literally) and have your new car delivered for free in a beautiful glass truck right to your doorstep. The best part? No haggling! The price you see is what you pay.  That means you don’t have to go through negotiations or fear of upselling, only firm prices to choose from. Top it off, there is a 7-day no regrets home drive. When you buy from Vroom, you have 7 days or 250 miles to drive the car at home. If you don’t like it, no problem… Vroom will take the car back and give you a full return.

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Are you sold yet? I am seriously in love with this concept and so excited to partner with Vroom to give you all the opportunity to try them out for yourself. You better believe that once I am in the market to purchase a car, I will be using this service. If you are currently looking for a new car, use my promotional code VIPPHX20 for $250 cash back! 


  1. Choose your car, go through the online process to choose payment type, submit a trade-in (if desired) and set up delivery.
  2. When you receive an email or phone call from your customer representative, mention you were referred and give him or her your promo code.
  3. You will receive a $250 cash card 2-3 weeks after your car is delivered

It’s as simple as that! Then you can go back to whatever it was you were doing and not spend hours out of your day browsing and financing at a car dealership.

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I’m not the only one on board. See what other people are saying about Vroom:

“The used car market meets 2015: No showroom, no salesmen, free delivery” – Fast Company

“The website makes car-buying, haggle-free, with prices below market prices, so customers can rest easy knowing they aren’t getting ripped off.” – Business Insider

“Vroom wants to make buying and selling a car as easy as ordering an Uber.” – Fortune

So what are you waiting for? #GetAVroom

Photos by aMaes Photography (@aMaes_photography)

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