The Royal Palms Resort

July 11, 2016

When you first pull up to The Royal Palms Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona; you get the immediate feeling like you just drove into a little bit of paradise. The two long rows of palm trees tower over you while you drive in and inhale the most breath taking mountain views that surround the resort. I don’t know about you but that’s exactly how I like to start a vacation!

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The resort accommodated our request for a dog friendly room so we could have Lucy and King join us at the resort. The room included a dog bed, food and water bowl, and a location close to a large area of grass. It’s always hilarious to watch these two when we go to hotels, as they LOVE vacation as much as mom and dad do.

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We arrived at the resort around 2pm and spent the first couple of hours relaxing in the room before heading to the pool. We were served a delicious plate of fruit and cheeses as a welcome gift along with some hefty bottles of water. The weather is pretty hot here in Arizona this time of year, so walking around isn’t much of an option right now. The pool has actually a lot busier than we thought it would be. A combination of an older and younger crowd, it was pretty packed. The resort and trees surrounded the quaint pool area, as we sipped cocktails/mocktails and enjoyed their infamous guacamole before heading back to the room to get ready for dinner.

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This is a seriously stunning resort, probably my most favorite in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. What I love most about it are the multiple conversational areas that you can take advantage of all around the resort. You get this feeling of privacy and seclusion here, and I absolutely loved this about the resort.

More photos from this shoot coming soon

More photos from this shoot coming soon

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More photos from this shoot coming soon.

JJ and I got all dressed up for a nice dinner that evening at their restaurant, T. Cooks. It was a long evening of great food, conversation, and ending the evening in their lounge area listening to the musician until his last tune. I loved the dark jazz club atmosphere. Boy, do I wish I could indulge in some wine at this point! We started with a couple of appetizers and a salad course: Grilled Spanish Octopus, Maine Diver Scallops, and the Watermelon and Arugula salad. All were delicious but our most favorite was the Maine Diver Scallops. The lime flavor made the scallops so fresh tasting! It was not like any scallop I had tasted before. A great combination. Our main courses was the Lobster Risotto and Filet Mignon, which you can’t really go wrong with. Both were so delicious! At this point of the evening, JJ usually passes on the desserts and I order two. I chose the assortment of Cookies and the Peach Crisp. If you can’t do wine then you might as well double up on dessert!

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Wearing H&M Dress, Asos Heels, T. Madison Shop Cleo Clutch (in black) and Lacey Choker

We woke up the next morning, packed up a bit, and I headed over to Alvadora Spa for an hour massage with Colette. It was a very beautiful and quaint spa, providing you with everything you will need for you pre and post treatment. This was my first time having a massage where we used the body pillow that I could lay face down on. I was a little nervous at first as its an unfamiliar position lately, but it felt amazing at the same time. Colette was very gentle, and gave me a relaxing massage for that hour of treatment. I left the spa feeling ready for a nap! After my treatment, we checked out of the hotel and headed 10 minutes North to our front door. This is one of the best parts about a staycation. No long drive or flight away, just a quick drive and you’re home!

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Thank you so much to The Palms Resort for an amazing night away. We had an amazing and relaxing time with the whole family!

Outfit photos by aMaes Photography (@aMaes_photography)

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