Gender Reveal Party

May 19, 2016

For a person with OCD when it comes to making lists and premature planning, how we would reveal our pregnancy was always on the back of my mind (pregnant or not). When I was bored I would browse Pinterest or watch YouTube videos of how others announced the big news. That’s normal, right? Isn’t that why we browse YouTube and Pinterest? Just me? OK. I loved seeing the reactions of people being surprised and mentally taking notes for when the time came for us. I don’t know about you but when we found out we were pregnant, those special moments you thought you could take your time on, flew by. The “I’m going to do something cute to tell my parents we are pregnant,” didn’t actually happen. It’s not like I didn’t want to do something cute, but I preferred getting the news to them sooner than later. Who has that kind of patience anyway?

A week after we found out we were having a girl, we announced to our immediate family by having  a gender reveal party. I didn’t want to do the typical cake, confetti, or balloon reveal as its been done a time or ten before. My sister-in-law, Brianna actually gave me the idea to reveal with champagne. I looked it up and found that blue champagne actually exists. Who knew?! Plan made. I suppose the reveal would have been cooler if it were a boy but whatever, I was committed. I did the craftiest thing in years and bedazzled the crap out of that champagne bottle. I have to say I did a pretty good job covering that bad boy. I decorated the house with succulents, candles, and a hint of pink and blue. I’m not really into those two colors as a pair.

Since my parents are on the east coast, they couldn’t make it for the party. We called them 30 minutes before other people showed up to reveal to them via FaceTime. We used a pink and blue donut and whichever one bit into the donut… well you get it. I made JJ be the biter since I already ate a whole one on my way home. It was so fun seeing their reaction as the majority thought boy. Good job, Dad! Below you will find the video from the actual reveal. I loved being able to do something fun for family. Thank you, The Local Donut for doing custom pink and blue donuts for our party!







Along with the reveal party, we did a typical photoshoot for social media that I would post a couple days later about our 5 year wedding anniversary. I had a vision of us holding large gold balloons that read BABY, the idea I got from another couple on Pinterest. So, that’s exactly what we would do. As I was walking out of the house the morning of our shoot, I had this terrible feeling and immediately grabbed our mini carousel incase something went wrong. What could happen? We arrived at Papago Park, opening the back of the car where the balloons were. Party City tied all the strings together so as I was taking them out I felt confident that we would have them altogether. What do you think happened? The Y untied from the balloon itself, leaving the car and flying high in the sky. A pit in my stomach. NOOOOOOOO! Although I wasn’t overly surprised that something like that would happen to us, I was upset. OK, well it looks like we have a second option. There you have it, standing close holding a mini carousel. It wasn’t the ideal situation or exactly what I pictured in my mind, but it did the trick. The carousel actually has a lot more meaning than I’m leading on. JJ and I purchased the handmade carousel while we were in Èze Village, France last September. I can’t wait to have baby girl listen to the beautiful song it plays.

After the shoot, I emailed Chrissy, the woman who I purchased the balloons from via Etsy to see if I could purchase a Y by itself. She immediately asked what happened and that she would send me a new Y free of charge. How amazing is that? It wasn’t even the balloons fault, which I made clear. Even though we didn’t use them in the shoot, we would have them as a back drop at our reveal party. Shout out to ChrissyBPartyShop for great customer service! Highly recommend her shop and love that she is AZ based!

Who else experiences constant fails in life? ha ha


Photo by Justin Yee Photography (@yeesus)

Be Kind,