Nursery Closet Inspiration

May 5, 2016

When JJ and I first moved into our house two years ago, one of our first projects was having our master closet and pantry organized. The previous owners only had a couple bars in the closet and all their shoes laid out on the floor. Talk about anxiety. Since I need to be organized in life, we hired classy closets to design the best layout for our mini walk-in. I couldn’t be more happy with it. Now, a physical door to add in would be ideal. Ha!

Since we love our closet and pantry so much, we are bringing Classy Closets back in this weekend to give us a quote for our nursery closet and addition to the pantry.

I’ve looked a little bit on Pinterest for some organizational inspiration, but I wanted to ask the moms of the world… what is the ideal closet situation for a nursery? Changing table incorporated in the closet? My only hesitation with that is we will most likely be in the house for another 5 or so years, so we want her to be able to grow with the closet easily. Laundry in the closet? Would you suggest more hanging room vs. folding? Drawers or getting a dresser?

Would really love your feedback on this.

Below are some Pinterest inspired closet designs:







Be Kind,