Easy Like Sunday Morning

Apr 27, 2016








Wearing Junk Food Clothing tee, Kensie shorts, Keds shoes

It’s been a difficult couple of months for me as a blogger. I finally felt like I had monumental topics to discuss with my readers, yet I couldn’t disclose any information about it. Even small doses of how I thought or felt could have hinted about the pregnancy. We began filming for Total Bellas in February, up until the last week of March; another topic I couldn’t discuss. Why was I flying places? Why did I take my eyelash extensions out? Why don’t I get manicures anymore? Why is my hair looking less than stellar? The pregnancy conversation is one thing but Total Bellas was completely confidential, so not even my closest friends knew about that one. Sorry, ladies!

I am so happy to finally feel like myself again. I was so exhausted that I had little to no desire to shoot, blog, take photos, or even look at myself in the mirror. It was really hard on me to see my skin change so drastically. I felt like I was doing something wrong and causing the breakouts. Was it all those grilled cheeses? Nope, it’s the hormones. Sweats were my second skin and I really didn’t care if I wore them all day or even out in public. Sad but true. Whether your not feeling well or are completely exhausted, pregnancy takes a lot out of you.  I am happy that stage is over.

The other week I shot this look with my photographer in old town. It was actually Saturday morning but you wouldn’t have known the difference. I love a good weekend shirt that you can comfortably wear to brunch or running errands. Paired with a blue handkerchief scarf and dark denim shorts, its the perfect summer look in Arizona.

I’m feeling back in full swing and will be also posting rescue pups from AZSDR soon! Stay tuned for more fashion and pregnancy updates. Oh man, I’m turning into a mommy blogger.

Photos by aMaes Photography (@aMaes_photography)

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