Shopping comfortable: tips and tricks

November 30, 2015












Wearing Dovetail Vintage top, Hipsters for Sisters Fanny, Dittos Brand jeans (old), Zara boots (old)

From a person who doesn’t love spending a large amount of time shopping at the mall, I have put together major requirements for when I do to save some time.

  1. Dress comfortable. I could never buy something without trying it on, and there may be a few outfit changes before finding the right one. Dress so you can easily take off and put back on your clothes.
  2. Do your makeup and hair before. This may sound silly to some, but I’m a big picture kind of person. There definitely has been moments when I didn’t buy something because I looked terrible that day. This way, if gives you a better idea of how you would look when you actually wore the outfit.
  3. Buy what you need and only look for that specific item(s). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone shopping for a something specific and walked out with something else. Keep your eye on the prize! Make a list if you need to.
  4. Give yourself a budget. For some people, budgets can be tough; and realizing how much you can spend will defer you from window shopping and making unnecessary charges to your credit cards.
  5. The modern Fanny. I was never one to wear a fanny pack, but this one… I’d wear everyday. Give your arms some freedom while searching through racks and holding bags by wearing this amazing leather fanny.

Have I missed an amazing tip? Shoot me a note and let me know ways you get through the crazy days of shopping.

weather. One of my biggest pet peeves are wet jeans, so flares are completely out of the question for me on a rainy day. I decided a dress would be safe and sweater on top would keep me warm and comfortable.

Photos by aMaes Photography (@aMaes_photography)

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